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Temple Service Intensive Course: January 7-10 In Orlando, Florida


    Temple Service Intensive Course Orlando, Florida January 7-10, 2016 Spend a weekend of classroom-style learning about the Temple, the Temple Service, and the sacrificial system.  This is a 4 day course with 5 sessions (1 to 1.5 hours each) where we will go in depth into many subjects surrounding the Temple and its service.  We will be providing ...

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Wisdom in Torah Talmidim Teachers Logo (Ministries) BLACK

WHAT IS KEDUSHAH? ***This Article is from the Anchor Bible Commentary and they do not use the names of Yeshua or YHVH and I did not correct them*** HOLINESS. This entry surveys the subject of “holiness” as it presented in the Hebrew Bible and in the Christian New Testament. OLD TESTAMENT In the OT, holiness is a positive cultic or ...

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How Do We Keep Yom Kippur?

amos 5-24_905

Shalom Everybody, I had intended to take a couple weeks off posting anything since my 4th son was born a week ago (circumcised yesterday! Baruch HaShem!), but this subject was weighing heavy on my heart so I put together a quick recording about how Scriptures teach we should keep Yom Kippur and really all of the Feasts. I pray you ...

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Up Coming Studies for the next few months!!!


Shalom to all Members: For the last few months I have being traveling and teaching all over  and I had not being able to do new teachings for the Website. I am so happy to have great friends and fellow brothers like Ryan and Daniel whom have really helped me keep up with research and studies while I am getting ...

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Who is Amalek?

Shalom With the rise of Islam and the threat of war in the Middle East, we need to understand how Amalek relates to what is happening in front of our faces every night on the news. Do you know what the connection between Islam and Amalek is? Did you know that the exact same conflict between the exact same people ...

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Deception of the Imperial Cult in the Greco-Roman World


Shalom all, In the coming months, we are going to be doing teachings on the Greco-Roman context of the first century so that we can understand the world that the early believers lived in and the mindset of those coming out of paganism.  This is very important to understand the contrast between Yeshua and the imperial cult who worshipped the ...

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Righteousness and Justice, The Kingly Requirement

Shalom L'Kulam This teaching was recorded at Kol HaMashiach Messianic Congregation in Lake City 12/21/13. I connected the Torah Portion Shemot and the Enthronement of the King of Egypt with the Ancient Near Eastern culture and the Righteousness and Justice of the Great Kings. We will learn about the ANET customs and how the ancient world would consider a King Righteous and ...

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Torah Nugget VaYetse (2013-2014)

Shalom, This week's Torah portion we will be focusing in on Jacob's "ladder" and showing the context of how it is actually a vision of an ANE structure called a ziggurat (pictured above).  We will then discover the function of this structure as well as why YHVH was so upset by people building one in Gen 11 in order to ...

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What is the Confession of Faith?

The confession of faith is the most important declaration in the spiritual life of the believers of Yeshua. So it is logical that we learn the implication that the followers of the Jewish Mashiach must know to not be found in disobedience to YHVH and His commandments. This teaching will show the meaning of the word confession from the GREEK ...

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A Prophet like unto Moses

Shalom introducing the teaching prophet like Moses How can we as believers in Yeshua prove that He is the true Messiah send from YHVH? Can we truly use the Scriptures and show that the promised Prophet like Moses has already come to us? What if some Man would claim to be messiah right now can you prove and show whether ...

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Wisdom in the Hebrew Language and Creation


This cover of the book is not the same as the person teaching on the video but I wanted you to have a book that can help you understand what he is teaching. I do have the book and is being a great resource for me in my study on the Hebrew letters.  Shalom: Ryan just send me this video ...

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The Exodus Decoded documentary shows evidence of the Hebrews in Egypt


Shalom The Evidence of the Israelites in Egypt is present in the archaeological findings and still the world does not want to recognize that YHVH is our King. I am sharing these clips so that we can get ready for the study of the Exodus Visit their website at:  Please upgrade your browser

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Alumni Israel Study Tour – January 2014

JANUARY 13th TO THE 27th 2014 We need to know who is interested in coming with us so we can make the arrangements. This is separate from our regular Israel tour in Nov 2013 which is a little more balanced with teaching and sightseeing of the land with 5-star comfort. Click Here for Registration Form  Shalom to all the Brothers ...

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Rico Likes Music


Please upgrade your browser Please upgrade your browser Please upgrade your browser Please upgrade your browser Check out these videos from the land Please upgrade your browser Please upgrade your browser

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Prophetic look at the life of Joseph


The Story of Joseph holds the Key to understand end time prophesy. On this teaching we will look into the modern day message of prophesy for such a time like this. Part 1 Please upgrade your browser Part 2 Please upgrade your browser

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Prophecy in the life of Isaac

The life of Isaac is a prophetic type and shadow of Messiah's work of Redemption. I pray this teaching will help you continue to make the connections of Messiah Yeshua in the Torah. Part 1 Please upgrade your browser Part 2 Please upgrade your browser

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Rico’s Podcasts


The Amidah pt1 The Amidah pt2   Rico talks Red Heifer and Circumcision Rico Talks Threshold Covenant, Praise and Prophecy Rico Cortes Talks Talmud

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What is the Gospel? Video

Shalom: This Teaching will explain how to understand the work of Yeshua and how he took the Sin of Israel upon himself and died to Restore Israel to its rightful place in the Kingdom. Part 1 Please upgrade your browser Part 2 Please upgrade your browser Part 3 Please upgrade your browser Part 4 Please upgrade your browser

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The Teaching on Mithras and Christianity

Shalom: This teaching about the deception of the Dogma of the Church system and how it has influence the mainstream religion. We all come from this background and Praise Yah that we are returning to the truth of the Torah and becoming spiritually clean by the truth of the Word and by the work of our Messiah Yeshua. Omein Shalom, ...

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Teaching at Tel-Dan, Israel

Shalom: This is the main stop of the tour for the northern part of Israel. I begin here to point out how our forefathers transgress the Torah of YHVH and how this event in Tel-Dan is one of the reasons for the Dispersion. This stop on the tour is all about returning to our Father in Teshuva and begin the ...

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Teaching at the Pool of Siloam

Shalom This teaching is at the place where Yeshua healed the blind men and also the location for the gathering of the water's of Salvation for the water ceremony for the days of Tabernacles. Is a very significant location that is being excavated in the last few years which shows the truth of the Scriptures and the narrative of Yeshua ...

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Hebrew Roots 101


Shalom: This video is a 1/2 hour program that I did for beginners in the Torah showing and teaching them how to study the Hebraic way. I cover some basic concepts of how to extract and what clues to look for when studying the scriptures. I pray that this teaching is a blessing to you and that it helps you ...

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Aaronic Blessing chanted by Rico Cortes

Shalom Many people have being asking me about the Aaronic blessing, so below is a video with the Singing of the Blessing. May YHVH bless you and keep you. Rico Click Here to Download MP3 FREE Please upgrade your browser and below is the audio version on most of my teachings:

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