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Who is Amalek?


Righteousness and Justice, The Kingly Requirement


Live Teaching in Minnesota about Righteousness and Justice


What is the Confession of Faith?

The confession of faith is the most important declaration in the spiritual life of the believers of Yeshua. So it is logical that we learn the implication that the followers of the Jewish Mashiach must know to not be found in disobedience to YHVH and His commandments. This teaching will show the meaning of the …

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A Prophet like unto Moses

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text] Shalom introducing the teaching prophet like Moses How can we as believers in Yeshua prove that He is the true Messiah send from YHVH? Can we truly use the Scriptures and show that the promised Prophet like Moses has already come to us? What if some Man would claim to be messiah right now …

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The Aaronic Blessing


Wisdom in the Hebrew Language and Creation

This cover of the book is not the same as the person teaching on the video but I wanted you to have a book that can help you understand what he is teaching. I do have the book and is being a great resource for me in my study on the Hebrew letters.  Shalom: Ryan …

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“Cry No More Yerushalayim”- Yaakov Shwekey

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Truth about Easter

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Prophecy in the Life of Isaac

The life of Isaac is a prophetic type and shadow of Messiah’s work of Redemption. I pray this teaching will help you continue to make the connections of Messiah Yeshua in the Torah. Part 1 [iframe 600 450] Part 2 [iframe 600 450]

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