Legality of the Covenant Conference Set


The Legality of the Covenant Conference DVD set includes approximately 28 hours of video teaching recorded live in Orlando Florida and the accompanying workbook. It features teachings by Rico Cortes, Ryan White, and Daniel McGirr.

This conference focuses on teaching the ancient Near Eastern context of Scripture with an emphasis on understanding the covenantal relationship in Scripture.


You can purchase the DVD, USB, or Vimeo-on-Demand set here:

Extra workbooks available here: 


List of Teachings:

1. Rico - YHVH Our Suzerain
2. Ryan - Honor and Shame Basics
3. Daniel - To Love, To Know, and to Guard
4. Rico - The Historical and Biblical Look into the ANE World
5. Ryan - Honor, Shame, and Covenant Sanctions
6. Daniel - The Concept of Maal
7. Rico - The Book of Revelation and the Covenant Lawsuit
8. Ryan - The Land Grant in Scripture
9. Daniel - The Concept of Adoption
10. Ryan - The Creation Covenant
11. Daniel - Boundary Stones, Grants of the King
12. Rico - The Righteousness and Justice of Our King
13. Ryan - Restoring Eden
14. Daniel - The Royal Messenger
15. Daniel - The Everlasting Gospel
16. Rico - Righteousness, Justice, and Enthronement Ceremonies
17. Ryan - Covenant Renewal in Hebrews
18. Rico - Lake of Fire
19. Ryan - Covenant of Passover


  1. Shalom Rico!
    We have met at the women’s prison in Ocala along with Nance Whitaker about
    a year ago. We are going to be starting your series “Legality of the Covenant” next
    week, but I’m 7 books short. We have 19 women and I have 12 books along with the
    DVD. How much can I purchase the 7 extra books for?