Pagan New Year

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  1. Hey Rico,

    Found something you may be interested in. I’ve heard you say several times that you believe that the disciple John was a priest. I found in the writing of Polycrates where he actually states that John was a priest. Here’s the link to the Wikipedia entry that quotes Polycrates: Link. The article also shows that in Polycrates time, the eastern church still kept Passover.

  2. Blessings & Shalom to you precious brother,
    Is it possible to get a transcript or pdf of what you are reading in this teaching “Pagan New Year”?

    Awesome, also is there some way that I can get hold of the “Red Heifer” teaching?

    Blessings of Yah be on you and your household in the unmatchable name of Yehoshua HaMashiach!

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