PASSOVER: Should we put the blood on the Doorpost now?


This picture is a widely known picture about our Redemption from Egypt and the great meaning of what the blood represents. But, should we now put the blood on the doorpost? That is the question that will be address in this teaching. Not to bring controversy or division but to look at the Ancient Near Eastern context to this beloved time of year for us believers in Messiah Yeshua our Redeemer.

I pray that the content of this teaching will help us get a better understanding about what to do during the time of Redemption. Question? Do you know? what is the difference between Roasting the meat vs Boiling the meat in the ancient near east? Did you know where YHVH said to kill the lamb and by whom? These and many more questions will be answered during this hour of the teaching Passover in the Context of the Ancient Near East.


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  1. Taking your premise then likewise, there is no tithing in diaspora, no Temple, no priesthood, where He placed His name, the Shin found in the 3 valleys surrounding Jerusalem. However, there is to be generous support of the various assemblies in the diaspora, the teachers, the widows orphans, disabled ????