WIT Talmidim – The Royal Grant Covenant


Today's discussion,The Royal Grant Covenant.

The Royal Grant of the ancient Near East was a unique covenant, deeding land to a loyal subject and his family forever – or until the King’s dynasty was overthrown. Join us to find out how this generational Covenant determines the ownership of the Land of Israel today and why it can never be undone – and how we as believers fit in to the inheritance of Abraham’s seed.


The Royal Grant Covenant is found in Scriptures in regards to the Davidic Kingdom, The Priesthood and the Land Grant given to Abraham. In the first century writings there are a great amount of Royal Grants but our lack of understanding the Ancient Near Eastern Covenant language and it's legal terms leads us to be uninformed about the great gifts our father have given us by the work of Yeshua our Messiah. In this teaching will examine the language of Covenant found in the book of Revelation and the structure of the hierarchy of the heavenly order.

I pray this teaching will allows us to be more thankful and grateful for the Grants Yeshua has blessed us for our faithful service to the Father and him as our Master

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

This is a Teaching on the same topic in front of the live audience so I cover other things. I hope you enjoy it

This is a preview of the teaching I did at the Chicago conference on the Royal Grant Covenant and the First century writings in which I talk about the importance of the Land in biblical History. Our Father has also via the work of Yeshua our Messiah has also promised grants to us and that is why Rav Shaul Said that "The gifts of God are irrevocable" This statement is connected to ancient near east covenant language. The First part of the recording is about a skit that our brother Daniel Botkin did before my teaching.



  1. Panel;

    this is so very good and every time it gets better. I learned a lot this session. May you increase from strength to strength. I liked hearing more from Matthew this time. My son’s name is Matthew so you have my heart. I am 66 years; old enough to be your mother. Ha1 I think your unique way with words will take your far Matthew.

    Ms. Tyler; that was a very heartfelt analysis on who’s in the family.

    This ANET is so foundational; I hope all the groups will have one expert amoung them.

    Honor and Shame is a big deal, and must be honor and shame understood from NE perspective, what is honorable to one culture is not to another.

    I wiish you all the very best.

  2. What I would like to understand is that prior to 1948; Israelites or Juedah would have to repent to return tot he land; they did not in 1948. The Royal Grant says the land is for the decendants, however, the Coenant given through Moses; says if you want to stay in the land; you must obey the Torah. So what’s happening? how is ths going to work?

  3. Predestination is a legal covenant term. At Mt. Sinani, thosw who were standing, we given the covenan, they and their decendants. Fast forward to Shaul’s time; he’s speaking to the decendants of lost tribes; he’s telling them they are now heirs, it had been predestined in the original covenant at Sinai. Yeshua had paid for their rebellion; and they can repent and return. Yeshua also opened up the covenant to whom ever, they enter in by legal term ingrafting. Not to mention Yehova’s original intention was all humankind were to be in the Covenant, as made through Adam; but Adam blew it and lost governance.

    These are legal terms; not anything like previous religious teachings.

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