Temple Studies Course 102

Treasures of the Temple 102 features teachings by Rico Cortes, Dr. Dinah Dye, and Joseph. This course features live teachings by Joseph Good, Rico Cortes, and Dinah Dye focusing on various aspects of the Temple and its services. Through the study of the Temple we learn how to better understand our Scriptures and how to …

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City of David with Joe

In this Yeshiva course we discuss the location of the Temple and the controversy of it being located in the City of David. All the lessons for this course where recorded in Israel during Rico’s intensive study trip with Joesph Good from Hatikva Ministries in February 2018. We pray that you enjoy them!


Introduction to Temple Offerings – Korbanots

Join Rico and Joseph Good from Hatikva Ministries, as they study the Temple Offerings, and what happened daily in the Temple. This teachings were recorded in Rico’s and Joseph’s latest intensive Study tour to Israel in 2018.

Temple Architecture and Location

Join Rico in discovering the Second Temple architecture, location, and service. This course will provide you with an in-depth look at the Temple from a variety of perspectives. The course is designed to equip you with the knowledge of the Temple to better understand the Brit Chadashah Temple language, as well as much more!

Temple Studies Course 101

Welcome to the Temple Studies Course 101. This course is comprised of multiple studies covering various topics related to the Temple. The majority of the topics covered here were taught at the Treasures of the Temple 101 conference. The corresponding sections of the workbook will be included with the videos from this course. You must …

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Introduction to Temple Location Studies

  Shalom, This is an introductory course that will serve as a prerequisite to future Temple-related courses. The lessons in this course were recorded on location in Israel with Rico Cortes and Joseph Good. Subjects discussed are: Temple location Temple architecture Archaeological evidence Geography of the Temple Geography of Jerusalem Investigation of gates, walls, and tunnels …

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Justice and Righteousness in Israel and the ANE

Overview Social Justice in Ancient Israel and in the Ancient Near East deals with the concept of justice and righteousness in ancient Israelite literature in comparison with identical concepts in ancient Near East. Various aspects of this concept are taken into consideration: philological, historical, sociological, and theological. Moshe Weinfeld surveys social reforms in the ancient …

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