Topical Teachings

Temple and Rituals

Temple Administration and our Spiritual Walk

Yom Kippur and The Psychology of the Temple Offerings

The Temple, Throne on Earth

Rico Cortes “Water Sources of the Temple” | #TMJC 2018

Temple Resources and Research with Rico

Comments about the Altar dedication in Jerusalem and its meaning?

Ritual Impurity vs Moral Impurity

Matthew 24 : Temple Buildings

Did You Know – Eden Restored?

PASSOVER: Should we put the blood on the Doorpost now?

Overview of my recent trip to Israel for Intensive Temple Research with Joseph Good – 2018

Encroachment of the Sancta – Temple Conference

Facebook Live on the Geography and Temple Area in Jerusalem

Treasures of the Temple Interview with Rico Cortes

Temple Location Series: Water supply, Cisterns, Conduits, underground chambers

Location of the Temple radio program by Rico Cortes & Joe Good

Yom Kippur in the Ancient Near East

Encroachment of the Sancta and Its Legality

Did you know? Kedoshim

Did You Know? – Metsora

Did you know? Which Veil Tore in the Temple?

Did You Know? Portion Vayikra

Did you know? Portion Pekudei

(Shekalim) Shabbat Shekelim

Did you know? The Differences between the Temple of Yah vs Pagan Temples?

Did you Know? Terumah and the Order of the Cosmos

The Melchizedek Priesthood and the Day of Yom Kippur

Gospel of the Suffering Servant Complete

The Mystery of the Red Heifer is the Traditional reading for this Shabbat a Month before Pesach.

Short interview with Paul Nison on the Tabernacle plus Instructional Videos

Yom Kippur and The Service in The Temple

Covenant of the Pieces

Sin and Sacrifice Series

The Torah Service for Shabbat Service with Power Point for download

The Temple Service and the Daily Sacrifices

Wisdom in the Psalms

YHVH’s Ownership of the Earth (Altar Teaching)

Aaronic Blessing chanted by Rico Cortes

First Century Writings

What is the law of Christ?

The Mission of Israel

Mark 6 and 7 – Gospel Cycle 12

Time is Fulfilled – Mark Chapter 1 and 2 – Gospel Cycle 11

Matthew 26 – 28 : Death and Resurrection – Gospel Cycle 10

Matthew 24 : Temple Buildings

Image of God Restored and the Tabernacle

Language of the Temple in the Apostolic Writings

Bible Methodology of Rico and Wisdom in Torah

Messiah Revealed – Gospel Cycle 5

Authority to Battle Chaos – Gospel Cycle – 4

On The Mountain – Gospel Cycle 3

Returning to God’s Sacred Space

Kinship and The Prodigal Son

Did you know about the context of Matthew 23:1?

Study on Corinthians at Hebraic Family Fellowship of Kansas City (HFF)

Honor and Shame at the Manna from Heaven Conference in Salem, Oregon

Did you know? Korban from a first century context

Apocalyptic Thought in the Scriptures (Complete Series)

The Bitter Waters and the Church in the Great Tribulation, (Audio)

The Book of Hebrews & the Day of Yom Kippur

Legal Context of the Lake of Fire in the Ancient Near East and Scriptures

Did you know? What does Homo Novus means?

(Shekalim) Shabbat Shekelim

Did You Know? The Caste system of Rome

Citizens of the Kingdom

Introduction to Patronage and Reciprocity

The Melchizedek Priesthood and the Day of Yom Kippur

The Gospel of John

The Didache: First Century Discipleship Complete Series

First Century Context of the First Century Writings (Complete Series)

What is Our Biblical Mandate? A Biblical Look into Our Duty as Servants of the King

Weightier Matters of Torah

Study on the Book of 1 Peter

What is the Confession of Faith?

The Hebrew Context of Galatians

Mikveh – A Hebraic Understanding of Biblical Immersion

What is the Gospel? Video

What is the Renewed Covenant?

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