Wisdom in the Hebrew Language and Creation



This cover of the book is not the same as the person teaching on the video but I wanted you to have a book that can help you understand what he is teaching. I do have the book and is being a great resource for me in my study on the Hebrew letters.


Ryan just send me this video and I did watch this lesson a few years ago and forgot about it. I decided to post it so that we can continue to learn how we do not know about the amazing language of YAH.

Here we have our older brother Judah teaching us the mystery of the Hebrew letters. If you pay close attention to the lesson you will see some connection to the letters of Paul and our connection to our Heavenly father and also our Master Yeshua.





  1. I feel the same as the others who’ve responded. This was an AWESOME video and it serves as more fuel on the fire to learn more about Hebrew and its Creator!
    Thanks so much Rico for all your hard work and for providing so much here on wisdomintorah.com.
    Blessings and Shalom!

  2. I would just like to mention that if you would like to read this book, it would help greatly to have a good understanding about what Kabbalah is, especially pertaining to how the modern day Hebrew Aleph Bet was designed, I feel you would be able to understand what the book is talking about much clearer, if not it may seem that the writer is forcing pieces of a puzzle in to place that don’t belong just to try to get his point across.

  3. Wow, I am learning so much from Wisdom In Torah. Thank you so much, Rico, for posting this teaching. I am a student of languages, and the more I learn of the Hebrew tongue, the more it excites me.


  4. My family and I just listened to this brother on the meaning of the Hebrew letters–how awesome!! Thank you much for putting it up for us to learn. I just learned so much about myself and more of God just by the letters! Baruch HaShem!