What is the Confession of Faith?


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21 thoughts on “What is the Confession of Faith?”

  1. William Causey

    Just a thought …
    Our theology today teaches that the forbidden fruit (by Mouth) was the first sin. but is it?.
    In Gen 2:17 God commanded Adam NOT TO EAT of the fruit of the tree of knowledge. If we read on down through to Gen 3:3 Eve tells the serpent … God hath said, Ye shall NOT EAT of it, NEITHER ..shall ye touch it…,which was also (by mouth) lest ye die. So she transgressed his commandment by adding to it (Deut4:2, 12:32) So the first sin would be by adding to his commandment just as the pharisees did. Again just a thought…

  2. Danny Strathern

    I can’t seem to play the teaching.
    Looking at the introduction and the comments from listeners makes my spirit leap within me. I feel like I have missed out on something so important all my life and just coming to the realization that this is real food.

    I believe the Lord has led me here & I can’t wait to figure out how to get this audio stream running.

  3. Hadassah Andelman

    Thank you. I found this interesting. My husband is Jewish. I have found as a Christian that when I celebrate the Jewish holidays, the Bible comes alive, I am celebrating the traditions that my Saviour celebrated and there is so much meaning in them. Also, I wonder about so many traditions that I have grown up with, e.g., keeping the sabbath holy, why did it get changed to Sunday?

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