What is the Confession of Faith?


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Rico Cortes

I am a teacher of Scriptures, Torah follower, and believer in Messiah Yeshua. I have been given the opportunity to share the Word of God with many believers around the world. My work as a servant of the Most High God has allowed me to be a voice to spread the good news of the New Testament, unveiling its truth through context and the obedience to the Almighty through his Torah.

21 thoughts on “What is the Confession of Faith?”

  1. Brother Rico,
    Very powerful, and concise, thank you. I have never thought of the fact that when we confess Yeshua, we are committing to vows of marriage and faithfulness, as to our spouse. This must be why even after I sin, Ha Shem continues to call me back to faithfulness.
    YAH is to merciful to comprehend, praise Him.

  2. Rico, You are a blessing! Todah rabah for your teaching! Thank you for showing us the Ancient Paths. Your teaching has really fed my spirit! Yom Teruah Sameach! Shalom,

  3. Rico; Confession of Faith is one of my favorite teachings. You made a comment near the end, that “you were not taught, nor did you take responsibility to learn” (near as I can recall) the conditions of the Covenant. My walk seems to be testifying to anyone Yah leads me to. I don’t get to see them bare fruit. Nor do I get to take responsibility for teaching them Torah or for that matter counsel them on the confession of faith. In this day and age, when almost no one wants to take responsibility for their actions, I have to rely on John10:4 which says that His sheep know His voice. If He in fact knew His sheep before creation and before our mother’s womb, and He says that none of His will be lost, that those who are His will immediately take responsibility for learning Torah and hopefully they will have available one who can teach them these essential understandings. I pray those in positions of sheparding the flock will take this very seriously.

    I am still absorbing the wonderful understandings of the “Legal context of the Lake of Fire”. That is a very good teaching. Great to know that my being faithful in my testimony will be part of the collective testimony that will convict HaSatan and get him thrown out of the throne room of Heaven and cast down to the earth. Yeshua is truly our advocate and defense attorney in the throne room of Elohim and the one who redeems us and defends us before the Father. Thanks brother for your diligence to your vocation before Yah!

    Shabbat Shalom

    Jim Fincham

  4. Spirit- When Abba breathed life into Adam, He put His word into Adom very being, (like a computer dowload) His words Torah was living, when we speak it takes breath. Truth is emet, and is always connected to Covenants or Torah. So, the word He put in us from the beginning, must be the same word we breath or speak out today; and to be in step (not hypcocrites), whole, or healed we must do what He says and we say is what we do. Is echad. The person is to be complete in words, and deeds; the words and deeds of Abba, Creator or Life Source. When that happens we emulate the Source of Life, Abba; Yeshua did that; He correctly fulfilled the Torah or Law or Words of the Father, My words are my Fathers words, and I do what He does. Oneness or Echad; which Yesuah prayed that we will all be Echad I think right now is like “time of judges” where each tribe in it’s land; interpreted and carried out the Torah as best they knew how; each may have some different ideas and methods; which caused some border fueds; and brought death. Each Hebrew group today is like that; do not fued it can causes a deaths. Dishartening, and giving up faith.

  5. Cristina Monaghan

    Taking and making this “oath” Confession of faith and not following thru or keeping it is in word and in deed braking the the command to “not take the Name of the LORD in vain”………….tiz true, spiritual turmoil……… not only in individual’s…….but in every where and every thing because we are all connected……and what we do does affect those around us as well as we ourselves………

  6. Cristina Monaghan

    So awesome……..

    as I was listening to this, where you were talking about “confessing with your mouth” and about how important it is and I heard in my spirit…….”spirit” and “Truth”…….. among other thing’s…..I got to thinking about that and what that meant….”spirit” aka as breath/air…… (there are places in scripture where the Father say’s “I heard the “voice” of their word’s”.) Then “Truth” which is this that Messiah is the only “Saviour” and that YHVH raised Yeshua from the dead……. then I got to thinking about a “sneeze” and how the water droplets go forth, (some people have way to much time on their hands and have actually captured this in a photograph….LOL!!)…….and how when we speak there is a “mist” or water that also comes forth, which is also a type of baptism or mickvah, a “baptism” of the very words you are speaking, then the whole “threshold” aspect of all of it, the lip’s being a type of “threshold”……. then the whole “oath” aspect……………. it made me realize this is of extreme importance.

    Also the reason it is important to confess with “word’s” also is a witness against one’s own self, or a type of “curse” but it being a very awesome “curse”…… having given the oath and having taking the oath, meaning not only does the Father and other witnesses hear this, you yourself do as well, or not only does the Father hear this but you do as well, …….which would hopefully “keep” you accountable to your word’s and the “voice” of your word’s staying accountable to the words you used to confess then should birth obedience………of His command’s, one should see one’s self being obedient to His covenants and command’s, also going and having a “conversion immersion” …………….now im wondering if the “voice” of your words is about intent, (did I mean what I said or did I not….thats when you look for “fruit”) cause any of us can confess this all the day long (which is basicly what we were taught to do, having inherited lie’s.) but what was our intent? To get our “get out of hell free ticket”…… which I am sad to say a lot of us do cause we are scared out of our skin’s with with the hell fire and damnation preaching…..which, don’t get me wrong there is a place for that……….but not the first thing any one would to “win soul’s” its no wonder our King gets a bad rap…… so sad……. I am thankful He found me where I was at and showed me the truth, free…..it has indeed and inword set me free… so awesome to “see” these thing’s……..thank you.

  7. Just got done listening to cofession of faith. My husband and I have been studying for several years and I am so glad we have your site. Although I am not Spanish Ican understand you perfectly. Thankyou for presenting new info in a very direct and easy to understand method. We are like sponges soaking it all in.
    Ken and Verna Shaulis

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