(Shekalim) Shabbat Shekelim


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Study on the payment of the 1/2 Shekel and the way it was done in the Temple. Many people use some of the verses in the New Testament to say that the Torah and the Temple service with its service are not valid. We will search for Context, Context, Context for it is of most importance in this case and this study will address the context and reasons that Yeshua had to overturn the tables in the temple. I pray that you will be blessed by this teaching and remember to always be open and verify everything I say.

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15 thoughts on “(Shekalim) Shabbat Shekelim”

  1. Peter B. Smith

    Brother Rico
    Please stop worrying about the negative comments of the ignorant. Use of the Mishnah, Talmuds, and other “Jewish” sources greatly expands our understanding of what was written in First Century Scripture.
    Peter – in OR

  2. Thank you Ricco! The more backround information I receive about history, geography and culture of the bible; the more confident I fell in sharing Yeshua and bhe bible; also it prevents me from misunderstandings that may lead me to anti semitism; and a wrong and bad report of the Israelite people.

    We cannot be too informed.

  3. I justw anted to say since you talk about getting beat you for using outside sources-THANK YOU! It is so helpful to have you do it, and it is filtered through Yeshua. There is so much to learn and understand as we are foreign to these things. Thank you achi! Keep it up, do not be discouraged. I read as much as I can, but find the teachings so helpful each week. I spread the word around SC as much as possible, it is a key to so much understanding. Shalom

  4. Jeannette Wehner

    In Part I Rico talks says “the slide you are looking at” is where Yeshua was in the Temple when He overturned the tables…..but the slide is not shown. Does anyone have any idea where I can find this? I’m confused as to what to do. Help!

  5. For the purchase of Mishna Art Scroll, Series Edition
    The Shekalim equals 1/2 of a Shekel.
    ONLINE: For the reading of the chapters in Mishna regarding the offering/sacrifices.
    Tractate Pesachim
    Tractate Shekalim
    Mishneh Torah, Maimonedes

    1. Jeannette Wehner

      Did you get an answer to this because I don’t see any power point either? Please let me know if you found out where to see this slide he is referring to. Shalom.

  6. Gene and Cassie Conroy

    Hi, don’t know if it is our system (I will check), but this is the second teaching we’ve attempted to view where the intro music is loud and clear but as soon as Rico starts teaching the audio drops to almost silent. I’ve tested other sites and I’ve re-logged on using another browser but the problem persists.
    Shabbat Shalom, we love you Rico!

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