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This is an extremely important subject that most of us in the western culture (North America, Europe, and Australia) do not really understand. This is one of if not the most important cultural concept to unlocking Scriptures and it has been lost to us until the last 20 years. Rico and I have been studying this subject now for the past couple of months and it is really opening up our understanding of Scriptures, especially the first century writings (New Testament). We do not understand this because our primary control methods in western society are guilt and innocence.

Honor is a limited commodity within a community and is ascribed or acquired in the public arena. This is very key to understand that the main driving force behind Biblical culture and Middle Eastern culture today is not a sense of personal guilt, but of public opinion. Likewise shame is not personal guilt, but public disapproval of one's actions.

This is a short overview of the subject and is in preparation for a lot of teachings that will be discussing this principle. I will be recording a large series with HRN about the Suffering Servant and using these principles to show why Messiah HAD to suffer and also to give understanding and hope to why we too suffer even with our covenant relationship with YHWH. I am also going to be doing the Haftarah portions in 1 hour video for each portion and there will be a lot of connections made to honor and shame. Rico will be doing some videos too on this subject, though I cannot attest to which angle he will be discussing. I pray that this is a blessing to you. Also check below the video for some more information.

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Ryan White

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    1. Thanks! I discuss the lawsuit aspect in depth in my teaching “The Weightier Matters of the Torah”. In short, it was a well known legal maneuver that if someone was in trouble, they could cry out and thereby oblige anyone within hearing to come to their immediate assistance. When YHWH hears Yeshua crying out, He is legally obliged to come to his assistance and determine who is right and who is wrong (Deut 25:1). We see that the judgment was between Yeshua and Satan in Yeshua’s statement in John 12:31-32.

  1. This was very eye opening, thank you Ryan. Can you do a Torah nugget on the giving of jewelry please? Lol

    But seriously, very timely information that coincides with Daniels teaching about Military Campaigns as well – thanks!

  2. Very fantastic!

    Honor is given in the public arena. Then honor should bring Shalom to a village, city, nation. People who give honor in the public arean; demonstrate they are safe people. We can feel safe in an enviornment of honor. Where there’s honor;I
    there is turst. Where honro is given

    So when in public to dress well; give honor to those around us. Thanks for giving up the idea of modesty in dress; some say the Torah doesn’t speak to that; is whatever the culture dictates.

    Thanks for We see this giving of shoe in Ruth; when Boaz goes to redeem her.

    I remember when Corp first started internaltion business; they learned quick they must learn the culture of the nation they wanted to do business with. They did take a gift; however the gift in that culture was an item that shows dishonor. They lost the deal.

    Seems we can’t really pin Obama down on who he is or what he’s about; which is beneficial for him; “always” keep them guess. I think on cultural matters in public; he must be coached. He did not spend enough time in Kenyah nor Malasia; to learn ME culture, to retain it and demonstrated it now as an adult; however, his top aid is Valerie Jarrett an Irainian woman. Is said when he’s not around; she’ makes the decisions.

    It has been said that US West doesn’t comprehend the east; and this would be why; the difference in what is, is not honorable. If people are knowingly or unknowingly dishonoring others; causes conflict, and war.

    Want peach in your home; nonor one another. What happens to people when they first experience Erev Shabbat blessings/ tears I believe these are tears washing off years of shame; and receiveing a blessing for the first time in their lives.

    When a guest speaker comes to your congregation, the hose should annouce them giving lots of honor to their known character and accomplishments; and congregants should arise when enters room or comes on stage. Why”” An enviroment of honor creates shalom; they’ll gain confidence to speak (knowing not going to be hostiel to their message; throwing shoes) and they will be able to give you their best. Need to be very careful with American humor; much of it is dishonoring. Much is not funny depending on culture people come from. What’s funny in France is not necessarily funny in North Dakota, USA. The phrase good ol boy; maybe ok in Oklahoma; but not in Detroit Michigan.

    One thing done in Israel; is if you share a meal with Israeli; there’s always salt on table; have an exchange of salt goes on food; is sign we are in covenant togehter; we can’t be separated; we have shalom.

  3. Great teaching Ryan. You keep getting better and better with the material and the delivery. Looking forward to this and the Hatarah teachings. So much stuff to study! You guys keep us digging and uncovering truths. What a way to spend my time! 🙂 Todah!

  4. Shalom Ryan,
    I can’t wait for the series, for what was brought out in the block was awesome. Thanks to you and the others for allowing Yahweh to use you, knowing the amount of time and effort that you put in—-to provoke us to truly search out the scriptures.

  5. Hi Carrol, I’m glad you enjoyed the teaching! This subject is so vast, its definitely going to take a while to give it the proper amount of coverage. When Yeshua spoke about hitting the right cheek that is understood to be a backhand hit since most people are right-handed. In the Mishna Babba Qama 8.6 it lists out compensation for various personal attacks; if someone hits another person, it is a fine of 200 zuz, but if it is with the back of the hand it is a fine 400 zuz. The reason is that a backhand is an assault on a person’s honor and so Yeshua is teaching not to retaliate against an assault on your honor; not that you cannot defend yourself if a criminal is trying to beat you up.

    @javalisa, I’m sorry that you felt that I was condescending, I did not intend that by any means. Can you please be a bit more specific with your accusation so that I can correct my teaching style so as not to be offensive to you? Thanks.

    Shabbat Shalom,

  6. Shalom Ryan; Thank you for this teaching I look forward to the series, I think it will be most insightful & help my understand. what is actually meant by the phrase “if someone hits you on the right cheek to turn the left” I understood it to mean not to retaliate.

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