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The Middle East and Islam are the main players in end time events. This teaching will challenge your thinking and theological points of view in regards to Prophesy. This teaching will reveal to you the evidence of why Islam may be the Beast spoken of in Revelation. We will answer the question of the 666 and reveal its hidden meaning. We will discover and expose the agenda of a religion that is trying to take over the whole world and convert them to Islam or die.

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Rico Cortes

I am a teacher of Scriptures, Torah follower, and believer in Messiah Yeshua. I have been given the opportunity to share the Word of God with many believers around the world. My work as a servant of the Most High God has allowed me to be a voice to spread the good news of the New Testament, unveiling its truth through context and the obedience to the Almighty through his Torah.

13 thoughts on “Is Islam the Beast?”

  1. I think the evidence about Prince Charles from Monte Judah is pretty clear that he fits the identity of the Beast and the Pope is the False Prophet which I think will welcome Islam into it’s fold (aka the Green Horse of Revelation). Prince Charles claims lineage to King David, Mohammed, and Vlad the Impaler. And I think the 2nd coming will happen in 2030 since it will be 2 days (2 thousand years) since the crucifixion and would also fullfil His restoration on the 3rd day. If that is correct then the Tribulation should start in 2023. A lot of birth pangs until then. In Daniel the name of G-d is spelled Alah, so should we be calling the name of G-d a curse?

  2. I don’t know if all muslims do this; but many do when they bow to pray on their matt, there is a circular form with arabic letters on it; their foreheads go down on the mark and when they arise from prayer the mark remains on their foreheads.

  3. I think the beast is a system not a man and think it is communism mixed with Islam, just as it was in Germany with Hitler. That is where we see prophesied events where the Jewish people were the center of it all. Today we see communists (Soros, Obama) again Communist and Obama mixed up with Islam, again intertwining their evil systems together, and it’s pretty obvious the Jews and those that profess Yeshua will be center of this system.
    Prophecy and events in the bible are all about God’s people.

    I personally think the anti-messiah will be Jewish. King Solomon was a type of anti-messiah. The reason I think that, is because of measure for measure, what the world has done to the Jewish people, will be repaid through a wicked Jewish leader on the nations. The Jewish people are looking for a descendant of David, one their own to be King, they are not going to subject themselves to anyone other than a descendant. I think the wicked one is Esau the one that God hated. The one that wanted to kill his brother Jacob.
    I also think a great earthquake will happen in the ME, and many Arabs will question how could Allah destroy so many of them and let the Jewish people live. They will wake up and realize Allah is a lie. Many will repent and serve the real God.

  4. Was trying to listen to this teaching, I tried the audio on 2, 3, and 4 and it told me file not found. 1 worked all the way through. Very thought provoking so far. We would like to hear the rest.


  5. I would suggest that the 7 Mountain are 7 Kingdoms, just like the Rock that was carved out without hands crushes the statue and becomes a Mountain that fills the earth Daniel 2:35. Also the Beast (Last Empire) will wage war with the Harlot (Religion of Islam and a physical city in the desert by the sea, Mecca) Revelation 17. This is also referenced in Isaiah 21 when God specifically mentions Elam and Media (Modern day Iran) who will be the ones destroying Dumah and Arabia, also Tema to Dedan. Psalms 137:7-8 tells us that Edom is the Daughter of Babylon and Ezekiel 25:13 says that Edom stretches from Teman to Dedan. Babylon is fallen is fallen. Saudi Arabia just purchased inter ballistic missiles from China in case Iran attacks them.

  6. Excellent wisdom Rico… for all those who still question… The angel told John in the vision of Revelation that the woman in the basket was “wickedness” and she was taken to the “land of Shinar”… That is Babylon…. and she will be set there on her “base”…!
    A place surrounded by “7 mountains” That is NOT ROME…
    “WICKEDNESS” as defined by the Torah means…. without Torah.. not just what you and I see as acts of violence, murder, etc.,
    another way to put this is “lawlessness” what law ? the Torah, of course, God’s Holy Law of Righteousness… the law of “love”..

    The other portion of this is in Daniel where the “statue” was of the “KING OF BABYLON” remember that the Messiah has a “body” in which he works through and he is the head…! Likewise the “body” of anything has many different parts, yet the one giving orders is the head…., in this case BABYLON..

  7. This teaching makes SO MUCH SENSE!!! I’m considering Scripture differently because of your insightful teaching. Thank you, Rico!
    This series (Who is Amalek II) is a great help as a witness to those (like my husband)that have embraced Islam. Rico, in part 4 you say that you will return with the next section on the Mark of the Beast. I found about 30 minutes of Revealing the Mark of the Beast on Youtube. Would you consider posting that teaching here on Wisdom in Torah?

    1. I appreciate your beliefs, but please remember that YHWH calls all followers of other gods (idols) harlots / adulterers.

      In my opinion, the Roman-catholic church (which is 100% mixture of different kind of paganism in “Jesus’ name”) cannot be the beast, because she reminds more of a harlot (a picture of an idol worshipper) than a ravenous beast besides of her bloody hands (history).

      I think Islam / Islamic empire (because Islam is not only a religion, but economical, political and military power) with the coming possible restored caliphate is the beast who will devour and burn the harlot, whore of Babylon.

      I believe that USA and the West is the end-time Babylon and not only RCC. I think RCC is only the main religion of the political, economical, military and religious empire of the end-time Babylon (USA and the West). Both USA and EU is a modern empire.

      The ancient Babylon (which is the prophetic shadow picture of the end-time Babylon) was political, economical, military and religious empire / superpower with her city-states such as Nippur, Uruk and Eridu. The city-state of Babylon herself was at the same time her imperial capital city-state.

      RCC is not an empire besides of her city-state (Vatican), but a mere religion besides of her influence on politics.

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