Did you know? Kedoshim


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3 thoughts on “Did you know? Kedoshim”

  1. how beautiful it is…. that YHWH keeps the corners for Himself. The corners of the fields —- and the corners of our garments. He keeps for Himself the intersections, the most obvious places where interactions occur — an interaction between 2 or more pieces of cloth (woven to cover our shame) or between two or more fields (respecting boundaries, being honest; working to earn our bread) — this is in keeping with how He chose for Himself the firstborns (the first & most evident proof of an interaction between husband & wife), and the location of Israel (the place where 3 continents meet)…. He wants to be so involved with our lives, so much a part of every interaction, that all the places where there is a chance there will be a glimpse of Him. He is not an El who hides Himself: no, He holds out His hands and says “Here I am!”

    Oh that our interactions may always point to His complete rulership over all our doings. 🙂

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