How Do We Keep Yom Kippur?

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19 thoughts on “How Do We Keep Yom Kippur?”

  1. How to make Shabbat a delight to “teenagers”. Year ago I did a word study on original of teenager. Basically, this was some marketing people’s idea. A new income stream. You see up until mid 1940’s young people were just that. Inventing “teenage” introduced having hairstyles, dress styles, music, dance; that was “just for you”. What this did is put a separation between parents and children. Up until that time; young people did what their parents did well until the time of military service or marriage. There may have been a few changes; but nothing as drastic as “teenager” and people made changes at a time when they had more wisdom. Also, US parents were introduce to the “generation gap”; yes we were all told and sold on the made up idea of “generation gap”. Our teaching and instruction from the Father is from generation to generation; (no “teenage culture” no “generations gap”. Words are vessels and contained in the new word was rebellion. Really???? Are young people really rebellios?? or were we all being programed to think so? how about “terrible twos”???? We have been given the gift and power of speach; clean, pure unadulterated words. You think I am goofy??? I was born 1949; and make every effort to remove myself from commercial messages they teach you to hear lies; in very sublte ways. What you think and speak about and to your children has a great deal to do with how they turn out. Modeling is the most important thing when you want to instruct children of any age. To make a change from anthing; start small, don’t make it hard work, (it’s Shabbat) the Shabbat is a delight for you. Erev Shabbat is basically taken from Temple Service; a fellowship meal offering; that’s why we have candles to “keep the eternal lanmp lit” we offer bread and wine; and HaShem said “there shall be meat at my table”. A nation of pirests and kings; is for a Royal Family; so start small with clean, neat; and dress as thought someone is coming for dinner. Make the table setting more special than rest of the week. The blessings for husbad, wife and children are very benefical; but keep them simple at first. The best thing is we are all together as family at one time; not off in 2-3 different activies and locations. Ingathering; a little taste of Sukkot in the house. Maybe there is the families ‘special’ most favorite dessert; evern though the meal is soup and sandwich. The special Shabbat table settings; can add on each year; makes nice gift idea for wives/moms. You don’t have to have the whole deal all at once. Somethings can make nice family time; teaching how to sew, embrodery for a Challah cover, a little play dough and coloring for candlesticks, let children help you make some bread. Practice with youth during week with a song, or reciting scripture, or telling about their favorite bible story. If you put a lot of “religiosity” into it; well it may be tough to enjoy. It’s not about “making it fun and exciting for teenagers” that is the cultural damage they have already be subject to. It’s not about separating is about gathering, uniting; oneness. I agree all the children like time an attention without distractions. this is time go celebrate each person’s achievements; to hear all the good things about each other; and yes hugs, meaningful gentle touch. One could hide a piece of candy under the plate; when plate is empty, turn over for the treat. A simple badge of honor could be made and given to someone. I enjoy learning the traditional Jewish Erev Shabbat; it had some very important priciples in it; then scaling it down to meet my families needs. Start out small; as they like it make it bigger better. Like fishing; a little bait; when they begin to take the bite, real em in a little more and then hook em. Catch!

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