Did you know the connection of the Shabbat and the Temple?


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In this teaching Rico discusses the connection between Leviticus 19:30 and Leviticus 26:2 in regards to the Shabbat, and why it's always connected with Temple.



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Teaching Audio


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2 thoughts on “Did you know the connection of the Shabbat and the Temple?”

  1. I don’t understand how that 2nd temple has any significance to me today? Why was this not a part of Yeshua’s teaching or of Paul? or Peter? or John? etc….. we are Ephraim and it just seems like we are not considered by anyone (even Torah teachers) that we are Israel. Help!

    1. Okay, listened a second time and see that these rituals are important in order to fulfill the command in Leviticus… to Proclaim Shabbat/Rest/Ownership/Rulership/Reign of YHVH. The ritual then, reminds us and others of the continuing Covenant pictured in the Sanctuary, the Temple with its altar/table/ washing/cleanliness/ Menorah/light / blood/life/ bread/Messiah. Thanks Rico!

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