Aaronic Blessing chanted by Rico Cortes


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Rico Cortes

14 thoughts on “Aaronic Blessing chanted by Rico Cortes”

  1. Thank you Rico for the blessing. The best presentation of the blessing and the sound resonates deep within my soul. Since I discovered this posting last week only, I come back often for healing and blessing and I bless you back with the blessing of our Father.

  2. Toda! Merci! Thanks! Words cannot explain the gratitude felt from you sharing this blessing. You have sincerely felt and shared from your heart and soul and WE have been blessed as the Creator intended – through the voice alone! Awe-inspiring!

  3. How beautiful! Everytime I hear you sing it, it is like being transported into the Kingdom…It moves something deep within me. Thank you for sharing with us. Blessings

  4. The first time I heard Rico chant this was at Sukkot in OK this yea, rand it was as if YHVH was breathing on me; like a voice out of Heaven. Its so powerful that tears flow, and peace reigns, and the world is totally shut out for that moment. Hallelujah!

  5. I run 2 businesses, many many days get so hectic and crazy, so if I feel particularly stressed out, I will often play Rico chanting this blessing, peace comes immediately, thank you Yahweh for giving this brother such a beautiful voice and such a love of your Torah.

  6. Anyone can hear my brother the pure love, honor and respect in your heart as you beautiful chant this blessing. Thank you so much for sharing this video and giving the members a chance to see you at home in your heart with Our Creator.

  7. Physics law: You can neither create nor destroy energy. Energy can be transformed. The difference between light and sound; is the frequency of the energy. The Children of Israel at Mt. Sinai, heard the light and saw sound. The DNA strand, double heliz; shows us a picture of ascending and decending frequencies, they are linked and flow circular. Life or Bat Kok is in the blood. Sometimes it is more benficial to just allow the experience of tone to just penetrate you without the left brain interference of logic “the words” interfer. Impartation happens through frequency. Words do help form tone; not saying non important; it is as the sender; not necessarily so as a receiver. Tone can be vechicle of light.

  8. yes love the tune! only the first word… “yevarekhekha”, the first three syllables yevarekhe is not in the recording, I only hear the kha (last syllable) . recording needs fixing.

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