Reading for Passover Week Exod. 12:21-51 (maftir Num. 28:16-25)


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This is not the weekly Torah portion Reading but the Special Portions for the Feast.



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Teaching Audio


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21 thoughts on “Reading for Passover Week Exod. 12:21-51 (maftir Num. 28:16-25)”

  1. Brother Rico, Can you help me understand the Biblical definition of “gentile”? I study with a Messianic Jewish rabbi in FLA. He refers to me as a gentile. I don’t consider myself a gentile b/c I’m in covenant with YHWH. Isn’t there a better label to call me, coming from the lips of a covenant Jew? Gentiles = heathens!
    DeVora Clark

  2. Rico, thank-you for your devotion to Yah word. You bring so much information I feel like I am back in school. You have taught me so much and I am still learning. Praise Yah for he so great. Rick

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