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Have you ever wondered why the "name" is so important in Scriptures?  Why are we told to call on the Name of YHVH?  Why does YHVH have other names/titles like El Shaddai, Adonai, Elohim, etc.  Why does Exodus 6:2-3 state that the patriarchs didn't know God by the name YHVH, only by El Shaddai?

In this short teaching, we will NOT be discussing pronunciation.  Such discussions lead to fruitless arguments.  Instead, we are going to focus on the legal aspect of what a "name" meant in ancient Israel.

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Ryan White

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10 thoughts on “The Legal Context of the Name”

  1. Fantastic Ryan!

    One of the interpretations of Elohim is force/influence upon the earth; so makes perfect sense that when we see an El Name; like Shad; that is what we see happening the influence of fertility or multiplicity, best reason for Jacob’s name change I’ve heard; more contextually clear. It answers my question did the Children of Israel know HIs name? YHVH. I think this more true to say that He had told Avarahm the people would like in Egypt 400 years (the Hittite and Eqyptian Kingdom’s had to fall for Israel to take the promised land) He’s telling MOses; it’s time for Me to take ownership of these people and bring them to land I promised. We can be ever so thankful to Yeshua who brought us to this understanding before the 2nd Exodus. Daniel’s prayer should be our legal petition for Ephraim/Joseph has our term of punishment ws over 1996.

  2. Thank you all for the encouraging comments! Mike, I’ve gotta say, that cup just makes the coffee taste better. Thank you again for the opportunity for allowing me to come up north and share with everyone. I look forward to seeing you all in the future.


  3. Thank you Ryan! Excellent material and another way for us to be vigilant in ridding His camp from superstitions and pagan practices – Keep the Camp Clean! Appreciate you hard work! (“And then BOOM, he’s got Isaac….. Just like that, it’s crazy how that happened.”) LOL

  4. Ryan, Good Stuff! You deliver this with a passion I have not noticed before. That sure is a good looking coffee cup.

    If a person does not obey the will of the Father in Heaven, his works don’t matter at all –even if the demons do listen to him, even if that one bears “fruit”. HE never knew him, he is a worker of iniquity. We must be submitted to the Will of the Father and not out doing “your own thing”.
    Romans 10:13 ->Call on his name, believe on Him, hear of Him, proclaim Him, send proclaimers and be sent to proclaim. Then others can call on his name as one under His authority.
    Zeph 3:9 To call on His name is to serve Him in one accord.
    Psalm 116: Call on the name to be saved.

    Meaty stuff! Thanks!

  5. Ryan,
    Thanks for this teaching on the legal aspect of YHVH’s name relating to ownership etc. Rather to be owned by Him than anyone or anything on this earth. PtL!

    There’s a song on Youtube called ‘The Names of God in Song’ by Laurell Hubick with Hebrew/English meanings. Very meditative, excellent.

  6. Shalom Ryan
    Very good study with good details. I also understood so many things from the legal perspective that giving me so much freedom from the mindset which we have inherited by religion and Dogma. I am so proud of you as my friend, brother and I want to thank you for all the help you and Daniel have giving me in my research and I also become a student and learn from you and Daniel.

    1. Thank you brother. I couldn’t have asked for a better mentor and friend. I look forward to continue this research for years to come and the understanding it brings of the character, integrity, and majesty of our King! I pray that the work that we do can begin to fulfill the true prophecy in Zephaniah 3:9….that His people will call on His Name with ONE accord!

      1. That’s what I like about you guys… No compitition…humility and submission to each other – Yah is our teacher. Haven’t gotten to the teaching yet but there is NeVER a time I spend an hour or two and not get something new. Praises to the most High for you Rico, Ryan & Daniel – May He continue to bless you with Wisdom & that we all come to the unity of Faith – Achad indeed.

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Home » The Legal Context of the Name
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