What is Our Biblical Mandate? A Biblical Look into Our Duty as Servants of the King


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Rico Cortes

I am a teacher of Scriptures, Torah follower, and believer in Messiah Yeshua. I have been given the opportunity to share the Word of God with many believers around the world. My work as a servant of the Most High God has allowed me to be a voice to spread the good news of the New Testament, unveiling its truth through context and the obedience to the Almighty through his Torah.

25 thoughts on “What is Our Biblical Mandate? A Biblical Look into Our Duty as Servants of the King”

  1. Christine Lombard

    Thank you Rico for this excellent teaching. I’m currently watching part 2, so forgive me if I’m asking a question that you answer here. Who is the Levite today that we are called to care for?

  2. Shabbat Shalom my Brother in Messiah. Thank you once again for another outstanding teaching. My wife and I are taking this time I have off to renew our relationship with our Father. We were looking for exactly what you taught in this message as part of our refreshing.

    Yah always seems to bring us to people, places and things that speak directly to our hearts and needs at the precise time we need them. He is amazing and so worthy of our praise. Let us honor our King and worship him in Spirit and in Truth during these deceptive times when Satan is so busy doing his best to stop Yah’s kingdom from advancing and from being all we should be. We must each put on Yahweh’s armor and take a stand in these evil days and advance Yeshua’s Salvation plan that HaSatan is trying to stop.

    Blessings and Shalom
    Brother Rich

  3. My Dear Brother, I recently was traveling on the road and picked up a hitchhiker out of Dillon, Montana. He was a native American named David. I had asked him how long he was out there and he said about three hours. He saw that I had water and ask if he could have a drink. I gave him both bottles of water. “Ask….” We spoke of many things. Our perspectives on theology dominate our time. I gave him some money and a headlamp. I dropped him off at a truck stop. I told him that we will see each other in the Kingdom, just sitting at different tables. I enjoy those encounters and look forward to them on a daily basis. “The birds have nests and foxes have……” He had nothing and but possessed everything. At the Judgment there is only going to be two peoples.
    This study is awesome! All I can say is, out of the park! Round the bases my friend. My prayer is that our love never grows cold. Love is the language of His Chuppah that keeps us.

  4. Been here for a while…
    So sick and tired of this mess.
    Yes, indeed, Abba, may You rescue us from this spiritual oppression and these people surrounding us, profaning Your SET APART NAME! YOUR EXALTED NAME!
    Indeed, may You crush them and purge them from our midst, that You may be feared, revered, lauded and Set-Apart, not set aside nor mocked nor ignored!
    Abba forgive us all, pllleeaassee!

    Free us, b’Shem Yeshua HaMoshiakh!

  5. Thank you Rico. You and Ryan’s teaching re how shall we do Yom Kippur is a two witness exhortation to us. Much needed at this time. Thank you, Thank you for directing us so that the arrows of what we think, say and do, will hit the bull’s eye of the Target of Torah. May you and your family be fully blessed and refreshed – sealed in the Lamb’s Book of Life for a fruitful year. Amen!

    Shalom! Shalom!

    Laureen Zisa and Family

  6. Todah Brother Rico. I would love to see our community do acts of love and righteousness. Our family volunteers for the local Jewish Federation volunteer programs and I wish more Messianic/others were joining with Judah to show unity and our love for the Father and Messiah Yeshua. The Federation system does not care what you are or what you believe, they just want volunteers.

  7. I have two hydroponic growing systems which can produce 64 plants each. These systems only require a space of 3×14 feet each. These systems can and should be organic depending on what is used and mixed with the water used to maintain these plants. My dream is to use such systems in combination with raising perch which is known as aquaponic’s. This not only supplies vegetables but meat as well at very low cost to accomplish. I am in contact with a farm that sells these stand along hydroponic who also raises five acres of food in one acre by using these systems. My point is who has a small plot of land and has the interest to get involved? Rico and I have some what discussed this and have plans to sit and put a plan into place if it is at all possible.

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