What is Our Biblical Mandate? A Biblical Look into Our Duty as Servants of the King


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Rico Cortes

I am a teacher of Scriptures, Torah follower, and believer in Messiah Yeshua. I have been given the opportunity to share the Word of God with many believers around the world. My work as a servant of the Most High God has allowed me to be a voice to spread the good news of the New Testament, unveiling its truth through context and the obedience to the Almighty through his Torah.

25 thoughts on “What is Our Biblical Mandate? A Biblical Look into Our Duty as Servants of the King”

  1. Rico I am a witness! A workers comp injury left me jobless and homeless. It was through that experience that I found Torah. As you said when I began to call on the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob he worked miracles in my life, even when I could not get a can of coke or a cup of soup from man. YHWH is awesome!!!!!!!!

  2. This is a needle in the balloon, to let out the hot air of our self-righteousness and to be reminded of the mandate of our King. Praise to be to our King for this teaching and reminder of our position in the Kingdom- “a servant to the Most High”.

  3. The problem is ‘who are we”? There is a potential Kingdom Crown Land = Israel. It is a Democracy; not yet a Kingdom of Covenant governance. The closest they have is among some Judaism, in various forms. At this time we have no way to be unified. We are our own “homeless” so to speak.

    We were the Children of Israel in Eqypt, living in Goshen; as oppression increases; we have no idea how long we can assemble; for many there are no assemblies; meetings are in homes. We are asked to donate and or tithe to ministries to get the word out; and yet that could end next week, year; we don’t know. (is fine to keep going till the end)

    From the time this “movement began” I don’t think anyone had any long term vision for what was going to happen; for the most part there was only Messianic Judaism; for some reason there’s a lot of wealth there (Southern Baptist???) and wealthy Jewish people. Two House is not like that at all. There are some who’ve had ministries for years (they have set a vision and course have invest much time and money to take Torah to the World. How are they now going to join in unity with others; without changing the course they’ve set?

    Like yourself you’ve just showed us your great idea for a House of Study – excellent. Are you going to jeopardize what you’ve started to join forces with others? The best that might be done if you could find everyone, and new groups keep popping up all the time??? anyone can start something on the internet – is get together the heads; and compose an agreement of how you will be have between brothers; and even then how will that be enforced? Have to set up fines for failures. Is it a problem for the Father if we have the differences you listed? or you? Is He able to bring correction to a group or disband it; if not of Him?

    I will bring them, and then they will have one King. I differently agree that in a congregation; should be caring as best you can for those needy in own house. And help your neighbor when you can. If this is to be like Exodus; then people will come to us when they see blood on the doorpost and light in the house.

  4. Judges does show us what was happening in land; which were border disputes. Each tribe had their own gov’t of judges; but sometimes; a problem occurred in one tribe that crossed the borders to affect another – what was the problem who would adjudicate??? This was not necessarily a means of ‘doing what was in their own eyes as in anarchy: but borer dispurtes. Which is certainly what happens over the world with Hebrew roots.

    Ricco have you spoken with Ephraim and Ramona Frank? they are in the land.

  5. One thing to add; is first look to your own homes; we have a fairly large assembly; and there are folks who need help; if you can’t strengthen your own house; how can one lift up another. Study and give honor; is very importatn, The FAther will open us favor to you when operate in honor.

  6. It may be a very great idea if the various groups if they do not have a “soup kitchen” start one; it brings people in a place of humility (specially children at any age; they need to go with you; if nothing esle to see this is what we do; and as are able they help). This would be a real heart changer for most of us. When people are busy working and doing for others, they don’t time to fuss among themselves over the items on your list. This is true of youth in their families; if they are not busy being trained to use their hands for some good thing; they fuss among themselves.

    What you do to serve others here, you’ll do i the land; can’t be taken to Israel to just sint on the beach, with lawn chair and ice tea. There’ll be work for us to do; we are to be as brother Judah and build up the land, people.

  7. Thank you so much Rico. I needed to hear this. I am not boasting, but we help feed several families, but it’s not enough. The truth of Torah, is to take care of the homeless, feed the hungry, widows in need and the Levite. I have been so caught up in learning, that I have neglected to do all the works of Righteousness. Thank you for the wake up call. I pray we will all unite and forget about all the things that divide us and come together in one mind, and do Righteousness, Justice and Equity. The very words that our Master and Savior called us to do.

    Chatanu lefanecha, rachem alenu.

  8. Thanks Rico for calling us to repentance, teshuva, and to doing the acts of righteousness and justice, tzedeka v’mishpat. May our hearts be willing and moldable as we take a step closer to righteousness. Todah!!

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