Bible Methodology of Rico and Wisdom in Torah


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Rico's goal with this teaching is to portrait the Bible methodology that he uses, with various topics thought the Bible, in order to try to bring a better understanding of the Torah and the First Century Writings. So, overall his goal with this teaching is to give a blueprint to keep in mind when you study and read the Bible.

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1 thought on “Bible Methodology of Rico and Wisdom in Torah”

  1. It has taken me more than one morning in my ‘quiet time’ to finish this and I still have 20 minutes to go….taking my time!! This has been so helpful. The overview of covenants and then the nuggets you throw in for clarity about the ANE and our King….thank you for doing this. I listened/watched your ‘books I use’ video also….thank you for studying so much and then we can glean and tell others you aren’t speaking from yourself–here’s proof–books galore and other teachers we can learn from with respect. Thank you for all you do!!! Your site is a tremendous resource altogether. Blessings from a long time partner….JoAnne

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