Basic Tour of the Temple in VR


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This is a tour using a Virtual Reality program that was just recently acquired by Wisdom in Torah. Both Wisdom in Torah and Hatikva Ministries with Joseph Good have been working together to provide Biblical, Historical, and Archeological information, in order to make this VR program possible.

This is just the start, as we are looking to expand and eventually have an app that can be acquired by many of you. We are also looking to expand and include the whole city of Jerusalem. We believe that this can be a great learning tool to help us and others in their knowledge of the House of our King, The Holy Temple.

This takes many financial resources to facilite, so if you will like to donate towards this cause, please click on the "Donate" button below. We appreciate any donation, and if you cannot donate any at this moment, please still keep us in your prayers, as we believe that God will open the doors in it's proper time.




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