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Shalom and welcome to the Introduction Hour to the Gospel of John.

This first hour we will just be highlighting the groups of the first century , the cultural areas and 4 major themes that will be the focus through out the Gospel. There will many other topics that arise in each chapter, but I want to be able to focus on the 4 Main Themes you will hear in the video..

  • Honor and Shame
  • The Macro-Temple of YHWH
  • Justice and Righteousness
  • The Royal Messenger of the KING

We now have an incredible opportunity to take all the areas of the ancient near east, the first century and ways of ancient covenant that we have spent the last 3 years focusing on, and incorporate all of it into the writing of John and present a clear, concise and culturally accurate gospel in context.
It is my hope and prayer that we will be able to learn and understand the "Office of Messiah" more clearly and be able to witness to all that He, Yeshua is indeed the Prince of the Face. The Son of the Living Elohim YHWH. And if we focus on the context, rather than the "scholarly", then we will see that Yeshua fills every role and every status of ancient culture that brings Honor and Glory to YHWH.

I pray that you will find this extensive study series to be a blessing.



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Daniel and Melanie

7 thoughts on “The Gospel of John”

  1. Danny & Anina Stokes

    Hi Daniel
    I just want to make sure you have not posted the next chapters on Gospel of John? I can only still see chapter 1.

  2. Thank you everyone. It is an exhaustive study, so we will do our best cover as much as possible. Chapter one was probably the most difficult to set up because of just how many commentaries and opinions there are on it.
    May post Chapters 3 and 4 together.

  3. Thanks Daniel for the time and effort you have invested in this study. There is so much material to cover to get a good grasp on this. Thank you for helping see this on a much deeper level.

  4. Thanks Daniel for the teaching. It was really awesome. I am starting to see YHVH’s plan in a new light.
    Blessings in Yeshua our Messiah,

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