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Role of the Redeemer

The Scriptures tell us that YHWH will redeem us, that He is our Redeemer and we know that it was Yeshua who is the actualization of this redemption. The question is, what is a "redeemer", what are the functions of the "redeemer", and who can be a "redeemer"? In this short teaching, we will look at the very first account of a redeemer in Genesis 38 and then will look at the three main roles of a redeemer and what the connection between the three roles.

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The following is a list of recommended resources for this teaching:

  • The IVP Bible Background Commentary: Old Testament by John Walton
  • Honor, Patronage, Kinship and Purity by David DeSilva

Ryan White

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3 thoughts on “Role of the Redeemer – Analysis of Genesis 38”

  1. Ryan, This has been a very interesting teaching.
    We’ve also been listening to Steve Berkson at We listened to the first 5 parts on his series of “Search for the doctrine of Grace” and the first two teachings on the “Pursuit of Righteousness” – in both cases he sets out to prove that Grace (not mercy) is merited and that righteousness is “something you do”.

    With the insight of Honor and Shame that you all have been teaching this all seems to be coming together and making more sense.

    Thanks for your time and teaching – it has been a blessing!

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Home » Role of the Redeemer – Analysis of Genesis 38
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