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Thousands of years ago, God appointed Mosheh as His mediator to bring an empire to its knees and to create for Himself a nation to be His honor-bearers to the rest of the world. He first completely shamed all the supposed gods of the Egyptians and then sent the destroyer out in their midst. And yet Israel, those who put the blood of a lamb upon their doorposts, was protected when YHWH pesach'ed them. It was not the blood that protected them; YHWH protected them when He saw the sign of the covenant, the blood. In the ancient Near East, blood was used in order to ratify covenants and in the Scriptures it was used to create an inseparable bond of relationship, a blood index, between two parties.

The Passover was in fact a covenant where the Hebrews became adopted as the sons of God through a blood covenant. Over one thousand years later, God again sent a mediator, His own son Yeshua, who would bring the empire of the Adversary to its knees and would restore and expand the Kingdom of God to include all people who choose to accept the blood of Yeshua as a covenant, indexing them in a relationship as the sons of the Living God.

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  • Blood Ritual in the Hebrew Bible by William Gilders
  • Blood Ritual in the Hebrew Bible by William Gilders

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