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Treatment of Female Captives in the Torah


the Treatment of female woman in Islam


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Rico Cortes

I am a teacher of Scriptures, Torah follower, and believer in Messiah Yeshua. I have been given the opportunity to share the Word of God with many believers around the world. My work as a servant of the Most High God has allowed me to be a voice to spread the good news of the New Testament, unveiling its truth through context and the obedience to the Almighty through his Torah.

6 thoughts on “Female Captives in the Torah vs Islam”

  1. Rico; According to Wikipedia, the yazidis are idol worshipers who do not know YHVH. If this is true, are they not incurring the curses promised for such? I don’t know of my self, but if I deny my Elohim, YHVH and commit fornication against him, I understand that curses will come. Lev 26. My question is do we not incur Yah’s wrath by interfering with his judgments on rebellious people? I agree the IS is our enemy, but many times one people has been used as the hammer against another people — like Israel when they were rebellious, like the USA against Germany etc. I have always struggled with who I should pray for and assist and have come to the conclusion that we should bless those who are within our “gates”, those who in Covenant with our creator and who are within a “threshold covenant” with us. I know most don’t want to hear this, but Yah’s Judgments are harsh and ultimately final for those who will not teshuva! We best not be overlooking those in need within our covenant people while we extend mercy to those who love not and obey not YHVH. Show me where I am wrong and I will adjust. May I also suggest that the whole of the descendants of Israel is in process of receiving Yah’s Judgements for our nearly complete and out right rebellion against our creator. It appears that we will soon go under the “rod”, where only 10% will survive. That judgement will be for our permissiveness of abortion, pornography, child sex enslavement, adultery by a huge portion of our society, on and on. Do you suppose the Yazidis will come to our rescue when we are under judgement?

    Just being a thorn in your side! Ha Ha, except none of this is funny.


    1. Jim, as a daughter of the King, I will near Him and plead for mercy for the plight of those who have been innocently abducted and are being subjected to this treatment. I would bring the unrighteousness of this action under His attention and ask Him to execute judgement against those who act unjustly. Our King sits on a throne of righteousness and justice and upon a seat of mercy and by that principle I have the confidence to plead with Him and request to bring Light into the darkness.

  2. Shiloh,
    Thank you for your reply. I never thought of that passage in that light and it sounds right. Me being a mom and an “evil” or sinful human know that I would never want to leave my own children in such a state of torment and pain. The situation these ladies are in brings crushing pain and hopelessness. As a Believer to endure a life of torture and a shameful demand to bow before such monsters and the god they serve is more than someone with a true of love for YHWH could endure!
    To think that such evil is everywhere and growing…..well, it made me think of Masada and the evil they faced was not ISIS but Rome…..hopeless. Their reaction understandable….
    Do you ever wonder where our tolerant mindset has taken us? Sometimes I think that if Abraham was in our society and was commanded to do what lay before him….we would haul him into court and put him in jail for kidnapping and attempted murder. Was it Pinches that thrust the spear through the couple committing blatant adultery and YAH was so moved by his zealous desire for righteousness and obedience to the commandments that he made him a priest and also his descendants. Our lifestyle and society are so far removed from this understanding that it is really hard to know what is right according to the Kingdom that we are called to. I truly want to understand how we are to react if we are ever faced with such a horrible situation and what our Father thinks. Thank you again for your help in trying to understand such deep issues. Blessings!

  3. Rico these stories are like the Voice of The Martyrs crying for help. Blasted Amalek is truly on the move……i.e. .in our Torah portion this week. We MUST continue to pray for their escape or for their rescue.
    Thank you Rico for all you do for the kingdom and for us.

  4. Rico,
    This is a hard subject matter. It raises a question about death/suicide. Often we sit in our perfect lives and try to understand such horrible conditions and how one in such a situation would continue….for there is a fate worse than death, especially for a believer in Yeshua. Using Masada as an example; they saw what lay ahead for the women and children and the fate of the families if taken captive by war. The could not mentally accept the life that loomed before them and committed suicide and murder. More like a mercy killing, yet we would not call it that in our society. Is this wrong in the eyes of our King? Knowing that to live is unimaginable torture and life bowing to a pagan god.

    1. what comes to my mind – is when Yeshua said that to avoid sinning, it is preferable to even mutilate the body G-d gave us — knowing that in the Olam Haba, all will be restored. “if your eye (or hand) causes you to sin, cut it off— for it is better to enter life maimed, than to go whole to Sheol”. It would be hard to function without an eye or a hand. And if one really did it — infection would be a real possibility, with possible death; yet that is how serious sin is. Certainly serving another god is a sin indeed, one to be avoided…. I do believe that G-d would never condemn a person sold as these women are, beyond all help, with no way to escape…. my heart is so sad for them!!!..but to reply to your inquiry, is it acceptable to commit suicide? — I must say “at times, yes”….. 🙁

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