The Torah Service for Shabbat Service with Power Point for download

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9 thoughts on “The Torah Service for Shabbat Service with Power Point for download”

  1. Wonderful Shabbat service! We don’t do this elaborate singing at our congregation … you say, Rico, that you have the resources available to learn to approach our King in this manner? How can I learn to not only say these Shabbat prayers in Hebrew, but to SING as you do, in Hebraic cantillations, knowing that I only know the Hebrew alphabet at this point, but want to become fluent? I am in Dalton, Georgia. Shalom:)

  2. Ki Le Olam Chasdo , the whole earth is full of His glory , we will wait for Him. please send me this powerpoint if it is available and also if it is available in spanish. thank you, shalom Abba bless

  3. Rico,
    Thank you so very much for this video, we are brand new to Torah and no one really around us to teach us, so we intently listen to all your teachings as much as we can and we have learned so much in these past two years.
    Listening to this video we just cried because this was our first time to see anything like this, we absolutely loved it learned so much about how to approach our King and be in His precense. Thank you so very much.

  4. Thank you so much achi for posting this! As Melanie and I watched this it brought tears to our eyes! You did such a wonderful job leading the people in unity to show reverence for OUR KING!
    Thank you again brother.

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