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9 Remember the former things of old: for I am God, and there is none else; [I am] God, and there is none like me;
10 declaring the end from the beginning, and from ancient times things that are not [yet] done; saying, My counsel shall stand, and I will do all my pleasure;

•Why is Baptism so Important? From a Legal perspective?
•Why was Moses not Killed by the King of Egypt after His daughter pulled him out of the water?
•Why did the Egyptian used the River Nile as a method of punishment of the Hebrews?
•Why did Israel had to pass through the Red Sea?
•Why did the second generation of Israel cross the River Jordan?
•Why Did Yeshua Walked on Water?
•Why did Yeshua allow Peter to falling into the Sea of Galilee?
•What was the meaning of Jonah coming out of the Fish?
•Where is the Message of resurrection in the bible?
These are some of the Questions that I will be explaining using biblical principles and resources from the Ancient Near Eastern Culture for Context.

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Rico Cortes

I am a teacher of Scriptures, Torah follower, and believer in Messiah Yeshua. I have been given the opportunity to share the Word of God with many believers around the world. My work as a servant of the Most High God has allowed me to be a voice to spread the good news of the New Testament, unveiling its truth through context and the obedience to the Almighty through his Torah.

37 thoughts on “Legal Context of the Lake of Fire in the Ancient Near East and Scriptures”

  1. Christine Crawford

    Awesome teaching Rico…but I was just curious why YOU BELIEVE Yahweh waited for the most prestigious festival to be happening at the beach at the time of Jonah being spewed out onto the land? Aprox 33:40

    Scripture doesn’t mention there was a festival happening…not to say that there wasn’t, as historians record many things that happen at the same time scripture writes. And I love learning about that.

    You just made a statement though, so maybe you know something we don’t or maybe there is a scripture somewhere else that lines it up. If you do I’d love to hear it.


  2. This was an excellent teaching. As I was listening I was also paralleling with the beast in Revelation 13 who comes out of the sea. The sea can represent chaos and as you taught of Enki being the god of the rivers and seas. Ba’al was a considered the “storm god.” I was thinking of Genesis 1 when the Spirit of God hovered or brooded over the face of the waters. Interesting that Genesis is descriptive in saying that “darkness was on the face of the deep.” Then in Revelation 13 it again speaks of the other beast coming out of the land (like the third day in Genesis 1, when land comes forth). It is like a resurrection, land from the deep (chaos) and the beast from the land. Too, the four angels that are bound at the Euphrates are released; and it is totally weird that a vial is poured out on the Euphrates in Revelation 16. This was to dry up the river to make way for the kings from the east (Iraq, Iran and all the way to China?). Anyway, interesting.

  3. Rico,
    This teaching was amazing!!! It answered sooo many questions I had and gave me a new understanding of baptism!! OMG!!! I pray that one day, my family will listen to this teaching and “get it”!!!!!
    This is my favorite teaching of yours now!!!! You, lead by the Spirit, did an amazing job!!!!
    Todah Rabah for your faithfulness!!!!!!

  4. I am enjoying this Rico very much but have a few questions. The female babes did not get circumcised so did they belong to the master of this world until they got married and were under their husband’s protection or their father’s and therefore HIS?

  5. mary mary not contrary

    A couple of thoughts come to me on this teaching:
    It is like fire and water were together on the burning bush. The bush was not consumed by the fire. “Father and I are one”.
    Also the hovering over the waters in Genesis is like the Holy Spirit is hovering over the water, confirming/sealing the plan from the foundations. The plan of resurrection of the dead. When we look at the water concepts in the historical functions.

    Gen 37:9
    Then he dreamed still another dream and told it to his brothers, and said, “Look, I have dreamed another dream. And this time, the sun, the moon, and the eleven stars bowed down to me.”
    So he told it to his father and his brothers; and his father rebuked him and said to him, “What is this dream that you have dreamed? Shall your mother and I and your brothers indeed come to bow down to the earth before you?”
    And his brothers envied him, but his father kept the matter in mind.

    Why did Jacob keep the matter in mind?? Because as it is written, (2 Chapters earlier) Gen 35:19 So Rachel died and was buried on the way to Ephrath (that is, Bethlehem)… implying that Rachel would have to be RESURRECTED!! No!?

    Gen 48:7
    “But as for me, when I came from Padan, Rachel died beside me in the land of Canaan on the way, when there was but a little distance to go to Ephrath; and I buried her there on the way to Ephrath (that is, Bethlehem).”

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