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Have you ever wondered why "hanging" or "impaling on a stake" was a chosen method of execution in the Ancient Near East for those who were of high status within the governmental stature?

How does this tie in with the chosen method of crucifixion/impalement of our Messiah Yeshua?

In this brief mini-nugget insight, we will investigate the cases in Scripture where people were executed in this manner.  I pray that this will be a blessing to you.


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11 thoughts on “Death & Dishonor – Mini Nugget Insight”

  1. Daniel from what I have understood from several years back, Judas “hung” himself
    by falling on his sword and King Saul the same………i.e, “hanged himself”.
    Thank you for your teaching. I too have learned many new ‘nuggets’

  2. Oh my gosh! I had the same understanding from a totally different angle this week before even listening to this teaching! How cool is that! When it’s true, Abba confirms it in so many ways. When you identify a truth in His Word, you won’t have to search and search for confirmation of just 2 or 3 witnesses in His Word. He will repeat it over and over and over in His own Word!!! I think I heard that a long time ago from Brad Scott. 🙂 You will see His truth repeated multiple times in His Word – much less in His world around us. Hallelu Yah!!!

    1. The IVP Bible Background Commentary stated this: “The word for “robbers” here is the standard term in Josephus for revolutionaries; presumably they had been colleagues of Barabbas.”
      My guess would be that their thefts were supporting a revolution against Rome.

  3. I understand the concept here and agree it makes complete sense. I have a question, the first thing that came to my mind was the common thief on the tree beside Yeshua. Why was he executed in the same manner as royalty?

  4. Excellant Daniel, Thank you. So, if Yeshua’s testimony was when asked, are you a king, yes for this I was born. The fact that impalement/crucifixion meant “stripping him of his position” then really becomes a testimony He was/is King. Why would they strip him of a position he didn’t really hold? The heavenly evidence being He was raised from the dead. Did ANE have any persons who were raised from the dead and if so what did they think it meant? Was this the same as the judgement to be thrown into water? and/or fire? if you came up from water you were innocent?

    1. Excellent point! And like Ryan taught in his last Torah Nugget- true justice for the souls of the saints wasor will be life- resurrection. Judgment rendered upon the righteous slain-the verdict is life. And remember when Yeshua comes back the second time- the righteous dead will raise first- they will be vindicated! This is incredible teaching- thanks guys!

  5. Good Job Daniel. I agree with you that we have to consider studying the torah in the context of the Ancient Near East. Thanks for helping me so much with the research and for teaching me what you are learning.

  6. A couple of thoughts as I listened. I do see your point and it seems to bear out. It does beg the question—-how is it possible to humiliate a dead man?

    Judas committed suicide…. With no weapon but a blade or rope, the rope is the more likely method….easier, more efficient, less painful—-reliable. I suppose poison would have been available as well, but that also can be an agonizing way to die so his choice remains the best.

  7. Daniel,
    the mini nugget as you called it was fantastic and goes along with what Ryan taught on His suffering. That there is so much more under the surface that we miss when we don’t understand the script in the context that it was given at the time.
    Goldminers don’t just stare at the surface to find gold, they must dig. Thank you for this gold mini nugget.

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