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Yom Kippur is a day where the entire nation of Israel seeks repentance for willful, rebellious sins.  Have you wondered how this ritual was understood in the ancient Near East?  How did ancient Israel understand sin and what were the affects of sin?  What about forgiveness? Did forgiveness mean the same thing to them as it does to us today?  In this teaching we will go into understanding the different types of sin and how atonement and forgiveness relate in order to bring about remission of sins, both those intentional and unintentional.

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Ryan White

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34 thoughts on “Yom Kippur in the Ancient Near East”

  1. Ryan THANK YOU for your diligent searches to bring us the information you share!
    Question: wouldn’t the cornerstone of the first temple have been too large to fit within the Holy of Holies?
    Two Arks?
    A careful reading of Shemot and D’varim reveals there was not ONE, but TWO Arks of the Covenant. The first, Ark made by YeHovah’s anointed craftsman Bezalel son of Hur, contained the broken tablets HaShem wrote with His finger – the ones Moses smashed. The second Ark (a wooden box make by Moses) contained the tablets Moses carved. It was a great surprise to realize that there were actually TWO Arks of the Covenant. Peter

  2. Intro opened up at normal volume but the Shiur was too low. Even at max volume setting

    Other shiurim on the site fine, volume wise. Just this one ultras low.

    Any others here with the same problem or is it my end…?

  3. Vivian Gonzalez

    Shalom, love all these studies and thank so much for the commitment .just a question. I would like to know if there is a place where we can see YESHUA celebrating Yom Kippur or any place in BH where it is taking place? Just curious , because since there was not the ark of the covenant there was no place to pour the blood of the sacrifice in YK. how was supposed to be done then? Where they pour that blood over? Thanks and blessings to you

    1. The Apostolic writings do not record Yeshua celebrating Yom Kippur, but that of course doesn’t mean that he did not do it, just that it wasn’t necessary to write down. According to the Mishnah, the cornerstone of the first Temple was in the Holy of Holies and they would apply the blood to it since there was no ark

    2. shalom, sister, I have heard that the “transfiguration” of Yeshua on the mountain, described in Mathew 17, Luke 9 & Mark 9 — took place on Yom haKippurim, & that is why Peter wanted to stay & build booths – since Sukkot is so soon after yom kippur.

  4. If you come before a King; the protocal is to bring a gift. To come before a President? a President is the CEO of a Corporation, which the US became a Corporation, (a business, a commercial commodity of a Kingdom, Brittan) as well as today’s Israel; they’ve not really severed themselves from the Queen; they are her business. Don’t have to bring a President a gift, just shake hands, sign of a business deal.

  5. Ex 30 – this is a hard sayng; what causes endangerment by registering??? Don’t get it. The purpose of registestering was those over 20; to establish a military; you paid the kofer in advanced of the killing necessary in war; they may have to “take a life” so they pay a mitigation fee prior to going to battle.

    They had to regestar for a Passover meal; I don’t see where that registration would have put them in danger???

    The Father said, Life for a life; so this removes the military from the punishment of life for life; clears their conscious before they go to battle; this is also a seed basis for “just war” ; war is like murder in that you plan a people’s death; you prepare with weapons; is not accidental.

  6. Interesting about the impurity coming upon the ark, in light of your recent teachings on honor and shame, I have a genuine question. Would corporate repentance be tied to the reproach that we as a nation bring onto the set-apart things and upon YHVH? By corporately doing this, would it not perhaps be about restoring His honor in the eyes of the nations? Or am I way off base here? I am also thinking this in terms of the ransom for the owner of the ox, that he must bring honor to the dead by paying whatever price (value) the family says their loved one was worth.

    As an aside, I would LOVE to see a year’s worth of Torah portions from the vantage point of honor and shame

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