Teaching on the Prodigal Son from Arad, Israel


This teaching is about the prophetic picture behind the parables of Yeshua and how they have to do with the restoration of the kingdom of Israel. Many of us have listen to this over and over from the pulpit but the prophetic implications are such that if our people Judah would listen they can see the real message of Yeshua as the repaired of the breach.


  1. I have been a born again, Spirit-filled Christian and studied the Word for many years. Learning the Hebrew ideoms has given me a new fresh outlook. I am excited to know there is a hidden perspective I did not know and have so much to learn. Thankyou for the teaching.,

  2. We’ve heard this teaching many times, but this was the first time it made sense.
    It is evident the understanding could have only come from God.
    We thank you for sharing what has been revealed to you. Shalom.