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Ryan White

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25 thoughts on “Marriage as a Covenant Series”

    1. Shalom,

      From my understanding of covenant in Scripture, its process can best be seen by looking several parts of Scriptures. Abraham for example began the covenant process when he chose to listen to and obey God’s voice and leave the land of his ancestors. We know from Yeshua and the disciples that the baptism/mikveh is an important part of the process as well. Also another example is that of the marriage in the ANE; when a man and woman became betrothed, it was as if they are married. Even though they have not yet held a ceremony, declared an oath, and consummated the marriage with the blood from breaking the hymen, they still are in covenant together and if one party were to have sexual relationship with a different person, it would be considered adultery and the death penalty would apply.

      Based on this, I believe when you make that choice in your heart to follow YHVH, you come into covenant in a status much like betrothal; all the responsibilities but not all the same rewards. After having made this choice in your heart, you should additionally undergo a baptism/mikveh that has at least 2 witnesses and after coming up from the water, a public declaration of your faith should be made. Another important part is becoming circumcised if you are not already as this is an outward sign of the covenant. Circumcision isn’t required as soon as you want to convert, but it should be a goal. Lastly, taking part in Passover (once circumcised) and accepting Yeshua as your Passover lamb brings you into the household of God (i.e. Israel).

      The rest of the covenant-making process will finalize when Yeshua returns and we get a new name, new robes, and an inheritance in the lang.

  1. Lhaynes,

    I just wanted to say thank you for requesting more info. I actually had recorded the next part about a week ago and deleted it a day later because it didn’t feel right. After going over your request on what women can do with a husband who is not interested for a bit with my wife, and reading a bit of the Women’s Wisdom book, I again recorded the next couple videos and they turned out good. I will be posting the first video this morning.


    1. I am really looking forward to the teaching. I am considering asking questions on the forum but not sure how to go about it. Would I just go to this entry, which appears to be posted there, and add on. It seems everything on the forum comes as a result of the questions at the end of the teachings. Is that correct? Maybe I am posting on the forum even as we speak?

      1. Hey,

        Yeah, I’ve been responding to you using the forum. The comments under each posting also copy over to the forum, though they are not threaded like on these pages.

        Here is the link for my newest video on marriage:

        I’m sorry if the way I’m naming and numbering becomes confusing, I just wanted each little sub-part of the series to have its own name, that way it’s easier to identify what is being spoken of. This new video is the first video in part two of the series. This part (which will be 3 videos) is called “It Is Not Good For Man To Be Alone”. I hope you enjoy it!


        PS: I am also teaching an abbreviated version of the entire series at my local congregation. I taught the first part last Friday covering marriage as a covenant, marriage and divorce in the ancient Near East, and marriage and divorce in Yeshua and Paul’s writings. These latter two subjects will be getting their own videos more in depth soon here on the blog, but if you want to check out my teaching (which is about 2 hours long), please go to:

  2. One more thing Lhanes, I would encourage you to post on the forum what questions you are comfortable asking about your situation. There are others here who have been in a similar situation as you or still are and they can probably offer you some great insight into your situation.


    1. Thank you Ryan. I will check out that book and consider the forum. I will pray for you this weekend. I believe it is not the enemy (as we have been taught) as there is only One with that kind of power. (I think we have been deceived in that area as well for the record.) Perhaps it is Yahweh or maybe modern technology. I so appreciate your teaching and comments. I know that Yah can be honored in this, and that is my prayer. Blessings on this Sabbath rest and shalom.

  3. Thanks Teresa! Excellent input!


    You’re right, I do direct most of the responsibility towards the men, because as head of the house, it is ultimately their responsibility to take charge of their relationships and do the right thing. Does this mean a woman can do nothing? Absolutely not! I believe one of the big things for wife to do is to 1) pray for her husband (that will be explained in depth in the next part of the series) and 2) hold him accountable for his role as a man. Unfortunately in America today, most men are behaving in the manner God designed women to behave. They want to be the receiver and not the giver. If your child was doing something wrong, you would lovingly correct him and sometimes this is the way us men need to be treated. Promote accountability and responsibility. Also, you may want to check out a book called “Women’s Wisdom: Garden of Peace for Women” by Rabbi Shalom Arush.

    I will try to include more stuff for women in my next part. I’ve had the teaching and powerpoint ready to go for about 3 weeks now but I keep having issues with recording. My laptop just broke now too, but I’m going to try to get everything together and shoot the next part (2 videos) this weekend. Please keep me in your prayers, I’m not sure if God is delaying me because there is something I need to add to the next video or if the enemy is delaying me because of the message.

    I would like to thank everybody for their support.


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