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Ryan White

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25 thoughts on “Marriage as a Covenant Series”

  1. Thank you Ryan for part 2. I was thinking of some of the elements of a marriage and remembered some instances people used to exchange clothing – a scented handkerchief comes to mind or for those jousting a woman would give a veil to mark him as her champion or boys might ask girls to wear their letter jackets, all of these signifying the making of relationships.

    Also when the word Shield is used in Gen 15 it seems we generally think of that as something placed in front of another person to block other weapons used but I found it can also mean enclose as in fence in or cover which lends towards the marriage Covenant.

    Thanks again, looking forward to part 3.

    Shalom lhaynes,

    I will pray for you and your family. It sounds like you are in a difficult place with your husband. I can’t imagine raising a 16 and 11 year old at 59, that must be very trying. I hope you stick around here and pick up some useful information to help you find joy in your walk in spite of your husband not walking in the way. There is so much being revealed that is resulting in having freedom in His Word. The world has really messed up the truth of Abba but the truth will set you free. There is only so much you have control over but the most important aspect is your relationship with YHVH and how you honor your covenant with Him. Continue praying to Him and having truthful conversations with Him while praying for your husband and children, He has much to reveal to you yet.

    Look for all the opportunities you can find to praise Him and be grateful. I’m not trying to belittle your situation just suggesting a change in outlook to help you recognize Abba is working in your life perhaps more than you have realized. He is Good. 🙂 How we conduct our own lives is a powerful testimony to our family even though we often think we are not making a difference, we are! Don’t be discouraged, it is all being worked out to good to those that love Him. Shalom

  2. I hope you still get this message as it is October and I am listening for the first time. It seems you speak as if your audience are all men. What about women in a “bad” marriage where they are Torah obsevant and the husband cares less. Where does a woman in a suzerain/vassal type covenant find her joy and fulfil her role when she has no one to lead or take his rightful place as giver and leader and seems to be the receiver and cares not about changing. He believes that providing refers to money and things it buys. Maybe I will find the answer. This, unfortunately, is my second marriage like this, and I am struggling to understand my part. I have read many books by Christian authors and would like to pull my hair out trying to be “submissive”. I wish only to honor Yahweh in this but am not sure what that would look like. That is why I am listening. I divorced my first husband. The Torah seems to only mention when a man divorces his wife. It is usually the woman who is abused , and an abuser is not the one who is likely to leave. There are many types of abuse besides physical. Trust me. I know. I have suffered greatly for having divorced and never intended to remarry, but I did. Now I suffer still. It is very difficult to suffer without a word and to love Yahweh so much and desire to please him in everything and fail so miserably. Sorry. This is tough. Where do I fit into this picture? How does Yah see it? P.S. Though I am 59 yrs old, I am still raising children – one 16 to whom I gave birth and one 11, a grandbaby that we adopted. Praise Yah. I wish my husband was interested in listening to this, but he is not. Do you eventually speak to wives?


  3. Just FYI for those of you waiting for the next part of the series. I ran into some technical difficulties while recording the next part of the series, so I’m having to order to some additional equipment. I should have the next video up by next Thursday though. Also, I will try to record a short study on the ancient Near Eastern context of the Hem and the Outer Garment earlier on next week too since it is related to part of what I will be teaching about Genesis 2 & 3.


  4. One more thing,

    Keritut (H3748), only appears when used in combination with the term ‘bill/certificate’ and thus can be seen to be specifically referring to the get itself. The term is actually rooted in the word ‘karat’ which is used throughout Torah as punishment for rebellious sins.

    When speaking of a divorced woman, the term ‘garash’ is used. Interestingly, this term is also used in Genesis 3:24 where God “drove out” ha’Adam, again signifying divorce.

  5. Hi Leland,

    Actually, Hugenberger was arguing just what you are saying. In the Ancient Near East, when a man would divorce a woman without just cause, they would use the terminology “I hate and divorce my wife”. You are absolutely right, this is not considered a valid form of divorce. I will be covering this in future videos in this series because this is exactly what Yeshua was speaking of about divorce; divorce without justified grounds. The term ‘Shalach’ however does not necessarily mean a divorce without a get of divorce; It literally means “to send out” and is where we get the term ‘Shaliach’ or ‘apostle’ from. The first usage of the term שׁלח appears in Genesis 3:23 where God ‘sends’ Adam out from the Garden; the ancient Near Eastern reader would have immediately recognized this as a term for divorce. This is not implying that God divorced Adam/Chavah improperly – though given the context it would be seen as a divorce based on spiritual adultery.

    Hugenberger’s book was not trying to cover every aspect of marriage, his intent was to show that marriage is indeed a covenant and his re-translation of Malachi 2:16 was to show that God wasn’t saying that He hates all divorce, just that He does not consider valid a divorce without just cause (which is defined in Exodus 21 and Deuteronomy 24). To be sure, what you are speaking of here will be covered in great depth later on when we get to Yeshua’s ruling on divorce, there’s just so much to cover that its going to take some time.

    As far as Chik-fil-a, I wasn’t trying to support them at all, I was just using them as an example of how God blesses those who stand up for His Word. If they have indeed rescinded their stance, then judgment will come upon them. Just like the king in Israel who’s name eludes me at the moment who restored the true worship and averted judgment upon Israel for a time, God’s blessings are only poured out in times of obedience; His wrath in times of disobedience. Again, I’m sorry if it came across in the video that I was unconditionally lobbying for Chik-fil-a, it was simply the most recent example I could think of for someone who stood up for Yah’s idea of marriage against the rising tide of communism.


  6. Amen to the start of a series that focuses on marriage! We hope to find this series something we can share with other couples in the faith! We’re reading Garden of Peace (both men’s and women’s versions) and yes, one needs to be on their toes with regards to the amount of orthodoxy within it’s pages.

    As far as the first video teaching goes…Rugenberger’s rendition of Malachi 2:16 is still an improper translation. The word “shalach” H7971 should not be translated “divorce” but rather “putting away”, which is an act performed without a proper certificate, leaving the couple in a marriage covenant, thereby if either fornicates, they have committed adultery. It’s when we read the word “divorce” in the bible within the context of “kerythooth” H3748 which means “a cutting” (of a matrimonial contract) that there is a true divorce. This is how Yah separated Himself from Israel. THIS is a true severance of the marital contract, by providing a certificate of divorce as in Jer 3:8.

    It’s not that Yah ever condemns “divorce” at all, (though it was not that way in the beginning, he granted a means for it) for He Himself has performed such an act, it is the PUTTING AWAY that causes either one or both parties to sin while still tied together by a marriage covenant.

    We need to be sure that “divorce” and “putting away” are used in their proper forms, within the context they are used in…your resource did not do so.

    And as far as the whole “Chick Fill-A” ordeal…would have been best to leave the politics out of the teachings until their true colors actually showed. Now you have a teaching that shows them in a light they shouldn’t be in. They’ve since rescinded their not-so-firm stance on “same-sex” marriage, though I’m in agreement with their recent announcement to no longer support any “lobbyist” style right-wing organizations but rather support food banks and shelters, etc. It ended up being more of a sales campaign than anything else, therefore they deserve no great amount of respect from the torah observant community as was established in this video.


  7. Hi CheriScott
    The song is Am Yisrael Chai by The Hebraism Music Project. Here’s the link to the website: Solomon really does have a good sound to his music!

    Hi Jan,
    I’m glad you’re enjoying the series, the next part is going to be even more exciting when I delve into Genesis. I am so blown away how we’ve had the road map to a perfect marriage in front of our eyes for so long and never even recognized it.

    I’m not sure when this teaching will be up on the premium members download area, but I am planning on creating a page where I will be selling digital downloads as well as actual DVDs and audio CDs of my teachings (and perhaps other people’s too…). I’m hoping to offset the cost of study materials and the time I put into study in doing this. I should have the page to purchase materials up about a week after Sukkot.

    Also, the next part is probably going to be delayed until next week or the week after, I am swamped with teachings for the next week and am trying to find a time to record.


  8. Hello Ryan and Rico,
    please accept my thanks for this frank and honest teaching and for making it available on your site. This message is desperately needed within the body of Messiah.
    Thanks too, for the encouragement to continue on in spite of there being seemingly no sign of my family coming to faith. I have been a believer for 33 years of my 37 year old marriage to an unbelieving husband. When I came to faith, it saved my marriage and I have been tempted more than once, to wonder what it has all been for!
    Thank you for your testimony in regards to the insidious power of porn and the devastating effect it has on marriage.
    Do you plan to make this series available for downloading? I know it could be a blessing to others.

    Shalom ,

  9. Thank you for your passion and diligence in preparing and presenting this material. I am learning so much from both you and Rico on covenant. It is an amazing thing to understand the aspects of covenant in our relationship to our Father and in our marriages. Thank you and I look forward to hearing the next one!

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