Mark 6 and 7 – Gospel Cycle 12

Mark 6 and 7 - Gospel Cycle 12


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During this Gospel cycle we will focus in Mark 6 and 7.

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2 thoughts on “Mark 6 and 7 – Gospel Cycle 12”

  1. Great teaching Rico! Thanks for making all the connections. It is so crystal clear to me of all the unrighteous judgments that happening in today’s world. Legally the judgements may be correct and lawful, but morally and righteously they are not. Sooo many examples. Thanks for all your studying and hard work to help me grow and understand my role in the kingdom.

  2. Great teaching Rico. Thank you! It is fascinating to study people as trees. Understanding that figurative language helps us make sense of lrohetic language as well. People as different types of animals is also a great study. Blessings to you!

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