The Temple, Throne on Earth


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A teaching about the Temple as God's throne on Earth




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Rico Cortes

I am a teacher of Scriptures, Torah follower, and believer in Messiah Yeshua. I have been given the opportunity to share the Word of God with many believers around the world. My work as a servant of the Most High God has allowed me to be a voice to spread the good news of the New Testament, unveiling its truth through context and the obedience to the Almighty through his Torah.

5 thoughts on “The Temple, Throne on Earth”

  1. The Bible does not say Yom Teruah is the new year. Yom Teruah is the seventh month. The Jubilee is declared on Yom Teruah for the next year that begins in Aviv. Rosh Hashanah is not a Biblical new year celebration.

  2. You say we cannot properly celebrate all the temple feasts and appointed times/offerings, but isn’t Yeshua ministering for us as a High Priest in the heavenly temple? So, when we celebrate these things on earth, the sacrifices or offerings are going on in heaven? What do you think about that? Isn’t that what the author of Hebrews is basically telling us? When Yeshua returns the earthly priests will perform the necessary sacrifices/offerings here. Beth

  3. Joe & Peggy Huffer

    Rico my comment is this people that say they know of God don’t really know him , they just know of him. I personally would not know him had not been for Jim Staleys Identity Crisis , after that you can go forward in knowing the deeper things of God,because the Spirit will lead you.thanks for your teachings, come to Paris some day butch Huffer

  4. Thank you so much for you words of encouragement… I can not tell you how much this is an answer to my heart felt cry and hunger for the ways of His Temple… His proper procedures and protocol… is His presence!

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