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Ryan White

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7 thoughts on “Slavery and the Sh’mita – Concept Block on Deut 15”

  1. I see a parallel between this circumstance in D’barim, & the current age! if I enter into a relationship with a credit card company, I must pay back the amount I borrowed plus some more. But they do not release me after so many years … in this way I think the credit card companies are like the [pagan]nations, which kept a slave until the master died (or until the credit card company went bankrupt, in our day.. which never seems to happen….)…. Yah’s ways are best! His ways are far better than the ways of the ones who do not follow Him.

    1. Yes! People always think that the Bible is so cruel for supporting “slavery” without realizing that what Scriptures calls slavery/servant-hood is nothing like the Egyptian slavery nor like the enslavement of blacks. In reality, we are all in slavery according to the biblical definition if we have credit card debt, house mortgage, car mortgage, etc. Imagine how great the economy would be if the lenders actually followed biblical principles and limited debt to 6 years! The housing market would have never collapsed under such a system.


  2. YHVHissalvation

    I believe the spirit of the Torah teaches that everyone around us is our neighbour. It is quite clear according to what the Messiah spoke. Matthew 7:12 “Therefore, whatever you wish men to do to you, do also to them, for this is the Torah and the Prophets.” Are only Israelites men (Adam) like certain Jews teach according to their oral traditions? Or are all peoples Adam?

    1. YHVHissalvation

      Not everyone is our brother though spiritually or immediately through the flesh, but in a wide sense all people are our brothers according to the flesh since we all have a common ancestor. So though lending on interest may be allowed to foreigners. We should always have in mind that to do more good, the higher righteousness would be to not lend on interest to anyone. And you know, Ya’aqob did teach that to him who knows to do do good and does it not, to him it is sin.

  3. Ryan;

    question: In Daniels we have the prophesy of the seven year covenant. My question these days is why would someone only extend a covenant of peace for 7 years?

    I am wondering if this is about 7 year release of land; and if it’s connected to a Jubilee Year? when the land of Israel according to YHVH will be returned to it’s intended people? We know that muslim/arab world and western custom also made treaties with intentions to break them. Might makes right?
    This year around Yom Kippur marks the 20 years of Oslow; two ten year hudnah’s and when weakened sufficiently is time for war.

  4. Good teaching Ryan;

    The Exodus account was Joseph had found favor and position with Pharough, they are set up in Goshen, do well, then Joseph dies, and a new Pharough arrives ” who did not know’ Joseph. Children’s status is changed to slaves in Eqypt. They need a need a new protectorate, Moses comes offers them the “threshold covenant” and yes other than Israelites go into through the blood marked threshold and are now going to leave with Israelites; Moses brings a legal case to Pharough, which demonstrates YHVH to be more powerful than Eqypt’s gods, they all leave in haste. They are taken to a “high place” to meet the creator of universe and accept a new covenant with promise of land, wine, oil, waters; still shows one El, as the all the ites had different gods for all these. The foreigners who left with Israelites are by some Rabbis blamed for worship of golden calf, their adoption into Israelite familes didn’t work for them. The 2nd Exodus, seems like need to leave w/fairly seasoned people? so’s to avoid the same pit fall (pun intended)

    Shabbat Shalom Y’all

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Home » Slavery and the Sh’mita – Concept Block on Deut 15
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