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Ryan White

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8 thoughts on “Rites of Passage Series”

  1. Just curious, is your website not connected to WiT? Don’t think it is, but just wondering..
    Having to have to pay for multitudes of teaching sites is kinda neck breaking, I’m on 3 already.. :/ (I understand the reasonings, though I suppose..)

  2. So far I have listened to this teaching and your How to Keep Yom Kippur? and I am truly blown away. Yahweh was so gracious to bring this to me at the right time. The concept of going through the 3 phases makes so much sense and I can see how it applies to my journey. I am also appreciative you mention of identity. I recently visited a Messianic Synagogue and the Rabbi gave a 6-point sermon on why Gentiles (non-Jews) do not need to keep the Torah (using Paul’s writings). I was heartbroken over that message and am grateful for the reassurance I was able to find from past studies and the truths spoken by you and Rico. I love the depth and time that you and Rico spend on each teaching. Shalom!

    1. It is truly a sad thing, that the “Messianic Jewish” (mainstream) congregations teach that. It’s really quite the opposite of even what Judaism teaches… Judaism, however, teaches it, that you fully convert to Judaism, and then you’re no longer recognized as a “Gentile.”
      The fact is Judaism is true.. Just as there is a process in becoming a United States citizen if you were from China, there must also be a process within the framework of Israel. This seems to come as a “religious” conversion, more than a transfer(forfeit and acceptance) of citizenship of The Nation(Kingdom) of “Israel”. New-walkers of this *process* aren’t fully converted, it takes years, apparently.. The heart change is overnight, but the growth and maturity takes time. That is why Rav Shaul says “I** must go to Jerusalem for the Feast”, not “we”.. It is because they would arrive, not knowing how to keep it, mess things up. Sounds ornery, but just as it is a practice for The Kingdom in “Judaism”(Biblical religion?), we must also practice and prepare for “Judaism”, that is, proper obedience and customs of The Holy Land. Even in “Judaism” this principal applies to the natural born Jew, who was raised and walked in it.. This typically occurs through Bar/t Mitzvahs (sincere and proper). The young ones, learn, study and practice, then commit.
      Mainstream “Messianic Judaism” is clouded in a valley of despair and anti-Messianic dogmas, rules that are on the wicked end of the stick of a type of Judaism that has NO place in the Kingdom of The Honorable King Messiah. Namely, this “one house” idea, that ONLY Jews/Judah/House of Judah are to keep Torah. This is a far-cry of the return of Ephraim as a people, then a nation, then together being unified as ONE Nation, no longer scattered, no longer divided. This, must be before Messiah comes back, and indeed is at hand as we speak! (search “Beit Yaaqov, National Repentance”) This coming Shavuot, International Messianic leaders will be in Jerusalem discussing with the Israeli Knesset/Embassy -trying to raise up an accredited, ‘known’ NATION of “Ephraim”. This is not a sect or denomination, but a NATION.
      We, Sister/Mother in Faith, will be seeing history here soon, and that starts with what you, me, and many others have experienced… the heart break of not knowing about Torah, and the heartbreak of people still not wanting to do it & telling us we don’t need to / should not.
      The tears of our souls are being held in the Hand of YHWH, and He is soon to “roar” (Speak through His Set-Apart ones!)

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