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AP PROVIDES ACCESS TO THIS UNDATED PHOTO POSTED ON A MILITANT WEBSITE ON TUESDAY, JAN. 14, 2014 TO BE USED FOR EDITORIAL PURPOSES ONLY FILE - This undated file image posted on a militant website on Tuesday, Jan. 14, 2014 shows fighters from the al-Qaida linked Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) marching in Raqqa, Syria. The past year, ISIL _ has taken over swaths of territory in Syria, particularly in the east. It has increasingly clashed with other factions, particularly an umbrella group called the Islamic Front and with Jabhat al-Nusra, or the Nusra Front, the group that Ayman al-Zawahri declared last year to be al-Qaida’s true representative in Syria. That fighting has accelerated the past month. (AP Photo/militant website, File)


The Military Campaign Itinerary Text can be found all through out Scripture and is also well discovered and documented in the Ancient near East. These texts serve as "LEGAL DOCUMENTATION"  and as records of conquests by a nation  to declare what nations and lands they conquer and now belong to them.

In this audio teaching, we will discover how and where these legal military texts are in Scripture and also discuss how this topic is connected to today's news with the rise of the islamic state as well as the invasion into Gaza by Israel.

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11 thoughts on “The Military Campaign Itinerary Text”

  1. Daniel thank you for all you are doing so that we can be knowledgeable and informed in these ‘last days’
    Question. I met you at Jaxville Conf. I’m coming to Shawnee to visit w/my son and family.
    Can you please tell me where I can go for Shabbat in the Shawnee or O/Park area? Thank you.
    Sue Polston

  2. graftedintolife

    Thanks Daniel for this connecting of the dots, so to say. It helps bring into perspective the reality that we are entering a tumultous season, involving war, deception, etc. Today, being Tish Ba’av, I cringe, and pray for His remnant in Israel and around the the earth to cry out for justice.

    Let us pray that we may have our eyes opened and watchful for Yah’s strategies in
    these coming years, and consistently return to the Scriptures for the signs He left for us.

    To those who have eyes to see and ears to hear.


  3. Wow ! So the supposed “children” let in from Honduras, these are being trained as a military to take over US???

  4. Fantasstic, it does make sense. Avi Lipkin teachers Moses would have been trained as a military general; which would also mean, writing or haven wriitten they leal path of concoring they established.This is why we need to find the Ark of Covenant; as has legal written document for land grant.

  5. Rico,

    I keep trying to find your link to YHVH Suzerain pdf, and gives me an error. Where can I find it on your website.



  6. Beresheet 15 vs 4 Behold the word of Yhwh (HINEH) HEY NUN HEY

    IN THE PICTO HEBREW shows us a man Abraham the nun is Isaac the seed And another man Abrahams decendants SO IT IS A PEPETUAL AND CONTINUATION OF THE SEED OF ISAAC all in this Covenant Cut in flesh and blood who Inherit.

    What are we Inheriting ? Physical and spiritual land.

    Iran will take Iraq interestingly Isis se3ms to be leaving out Rome.

    How will we be involved in this fight for our Inheritence?
    Armageddon before Milliniul or Gog magog in Milliniul?

    1. Isn’t it interesting, since the topic is “military campaign”, that we should
      include the psychological-ops, the propaganda campaigns, the battle to win
      “Hearts and Minds”?
      The Bible says the Very Elect would be Deceived.
      Are you, Brent, and everybody else who claims Abrahamic Covenent,
      actually aware of your own bloodlines?
      Is it possible that you might be deceived? You might be cheerleading
      for a military campaign Made by satanists? against the Real Semites?
      ISIS is obviously a US-UK-Weapons Merchants operation.
      Are you Proud of the Effective 9/11 Operation which guaranteed
      trillions of Zionist WarBucks to Flow?
      Did you get your Share of Silverstein’s multi-billion Insurance Victory?
      Were you invited to Paul Wolfowitz’ Party, when he was elevated to
      the Presidency of the World Bank? Do you think you are Free to be Ignorant?
      Did you know that your Proud Zionists have utterly poisoned the Negev,
      with their cute little Dimona weapons facility?
      Did you think all of that Bible,after all the drama, was talking about You making Blood sacrifice
      at the Jerusalem Temple? You Missed Jesus. Those refusing YHWH’s Knowledge
      will be suffering for rejecting that Knowledge.
      Your Physical Land is scheduled for melt-down, read up a little. Pray a little.
      Your “Jerusalem”- city of PEACE, is not to be found on Earth.

  7. Daniel is spot on read Josephus Book 1 chapter 10 section 5 Yhwh says we will obtain all the land of Canaan by War from Sidon to Egypt.
    This Enormous land Grant was cut in flesh and blood through 8 peices just the birds were not cut.
    The Covenant promise has not yet been completely fulfilled yet this land Grant is enormous.
    The sign of this covenant is cut in our male organs the legality of it shown in the significaence of the 8 peices and the 8th day Circumcission, since the covenant was made with Abraham and his seed.

    our inheritence also includes the NEW JERUSALEM TO COME, this is a binding covenant forever and Yhwhs word will come to pass not through any other Nation – I am Yisrael we keep praying for Yisrael.
    mathew 24 vs 32 fig tree is Israel its branches started putting forth leaves again in 1948 no coincedence.

    read isia 66 vs 8 and lev 26 vs 34

    Mathew 24 is all about the activity that takes place around the temple in latter days.

    Israel will win its YHWHs fight

    shalom loved the teaching awesome Halleluyah love ya guys shalom

    1. Brent, thank you for the additional reference! Here it is…
      Book 1 Chapter 10
      5. The forementioned son was born to Abram when he was eighty-six years old: but when he was ninety-nine, God appeared to him, and promised him that he Should have a son by Sarai, and commanded that his name should be Isaac; and showed him, that from this son should spring great nations and kings, and that they should obtain all the land of Canaan by war, from Sidon to Egypt. But he charged him, in order to keep his posterity unmixed with others, that they should be circumcised in the flesh of their foreskin, and that this should be done on the eighth day after they were born: the reason of which circumcision I will explain in another place. And Abram inquiring also concerning Ismael, whether he should live or not, God signified to him that he should live to be very old, and should be the father of great nations. Abram therefore gave thanks to God for these blessings; and then he, and all his family, and his son Ismael, were circumcised immediately; the son being that day thirteen years of age, and he ninety-nine.”

  8. Considering the repeated violation of G-d’s Holy human Vessels,
    we can only stress, for those
    educated enough, with Ears to Hear:
    Like, let’s remember the Divine Wrath against wrongful Kings.
    Let’s remember that David himself
    worked for the Philistines for awhile,
    killed for the Philistines, against Saul.
    Because of God’s Justice!
    Consider All of the False Witness exposed by spy operations.
    War is Mammon feeding activity.

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