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justice & Righteousness


We have begun doing once a month gatherings here in the Kansas City area for the local groups, congregations and everyone who is looking for fellowship and growth. to come together for one Shabbat a month to Honor the KING. This was our second time gathering on 1/10/15 and we discussed the very important foundation of "Justice and Righteousness" according to what YHWH declares. We have covered this alot here on Wisdom In Torah  and in the Yeshiva, so many of you have already heard alot of the information presented. I pray that you enjoy the teaching.


(the background audio noise  does calm down a few minutes into the video.)

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4 thoughts on “Live Teaching, “Justice & Righteousness, Israel’s Covenant Mandate””

  1. I was excited to listen to this teaching, but because of all the background noise it was impossible to hear. It seems that the sound is being recorded through the audio that is just going into the room that the loud listeners are hearing. Would it be possible to instead of recording that way, to have your voice go directly into recording bypassing the room noise? Would it be possible for you to re-do this teaching and place it where there is no background noise?? Plus, when a audience member speaks, again, I feel lost not hearing.

    Thank you very much for your ministry.


  2. Seems like there is a need to learn honor and respect to speakers. They put in time with study and preparation; and then either we don’t show up on time and when we do we think is ok to talk over them, jostle around and not give our full attention to them.

    Leaders you have the right, obligation to set the tone in the room; so there’s shaloam for all. There are times when a speaker may invite input from the students; so dos so; most times when we are new; it would be wise to give attentive listening to the speaker, be still and know G-d.

    Just because we laught and joke around that Ephraim is wild; doesn’t mean we need to stay that way; step up to honor, respect and order.

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Home » Live Teaching, “Justice & Righteousness, Israel’s Covenant Mandate”
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