Who is Amalek?



With the rise of Islam and the threat of war in the Middle East, we need to understand how Amalek relates to what is happening in front of our faces every night on the news. Do you know what the connection between Islam and Amalek is? Did you know that the exact same conflict between the exact same people in the Middle East has been going on since Biblical times? Did you know the Bible tells us how the sons of Esau will always thirst for the blood Israel? This and much more will be studied as we take a journey thru Scripture finding the answers to know the future events of end-time prophesy.


  1. Speaking of 9-11-2001; go back and find the Torah and Haftorah for the week before; and the week of and the followin weeks; it will tell you all about what took place. Need to remember two building, two tablets, below one building was gold, so there were 3 elements, smoke, ash, water, gold same as the “golden calf” and the laws of jealosy; it was just after this time Americans were called obeses, same as what happnes to the unfaithful wife; belly swells and thigh rots.

  2. help, none of your teachings can be activated, even after i unblocked pop-ups. Have an almost new Toshiba laptop, Suggestions? my email: verde713@aol.com. Rico will be in our hometown of Franklin, NC March 19 & 20. I am new in Hebraic
    Roots studies and trying to prepare. Thanks. Veronica d’Entremont

  3. Rico, thank you for posting this very timely (albiet old) teaching on Wisdom in Torah. This teaching is a tremendous tool to properly relate the things that are happening in the world to what YHVH’s plan is for us. I have been telling my family, friends, and anyone else that will listen that the prophetic Scriptures are fulfilling themselves before our eyes. However, without your study, my words are only one believer’s opinion. But they can’t refute Scripture! You put this teaching together in a way that is UNDENIABLE…no matter what we might have previously believed. I truly admire your dedication and insight. Thank you again for sharing your years of study with all of us. Bless you and your family.