Beha’alotkha – Judicial Power in the Torah

Biblical vs Roman View of Circumcision

Blood and Death – The purpose of Yom Kippur

Can we bring first fruits today?

Compromise Leads to Chaos – Hanukkah

Did you know about Yom Terua and Rosh Hashanah?

Did you know – Leviticus 7 – Honor of God

Encroachment of the Sancta and Its Legality

Intro to Temple Location

Is Baptism a Sign of Salvation?

Is the Jubilee for today?

Is there a day of Atonement in the Millennium

Kedoshim – Call to Holiness – 1 Peter 1 & 2

Matthew 21 and The 1/2 Shekel

Matthew 6:7 in Context

Messiah: Priest of War

Methodology of WIT

Month of Elul and the Temple

Passover, The Temple and The Torah Portion BO

Prayers and Temple Service, Divinely Inspired?

Ritual Impurity vs Moral Impurity

Sacrilege-Ma’al & Herem in the Bible

Shavuot & The Temple Ritual

Shavuot and the Temple

Temple Administration and our Spiritual Walk

The Battle for Freedod Shavuot

The Book of Vayikra

The Book of Galatians Series

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