Amidah Prayers for the Week and Shabbat in English & Hebrew

This section of the Blog is dedicated to the prayers to honor our father the King of the Universe. This is the format is as follows:
Click Here to Download the Siddur to follow along in English
1. Shema (english version)
2. Amidah & Viduy (confession) english version
3. Amidah (Hebrew)
4. Amidah for Shabbat in English
5. Shabbat Amidah (english)
5  Shabbat Amidah (hebrew)

These Prayers that I am doing is to teach the Kingdom to present ourselves in Awe, Fear, Respect, and learn to approach the King as the servants of YHVH.

Shema Blessings before Daily Amidah
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Daily Amidah & Viduy in English
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Daily Amidah in Hebrew
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Shema Blessings for Shabbat in English
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Amidah for Shabbat  in English
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Amidah for Shabbat in Hebrew
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22 thoughts on “Amidah Prayers for the Week and Shabbat in English & Hebrew”

  1. Rico,
    In one of your teachings on the Amidah you talked about prayers mentioning Metatron, the Prince of the Presence. I just came across (via Facebook) a site that has online versions of all 3 “Books of Enoch”. The book known as Enoch 3 – “The Book of Enoch by R. Ishmael ben Elisha The High Priest”, claims that Enoch was translated into heaven and transformed into Metatron, the angel, the Prince of the Presence. In fact, the entire book is about supposed conversations between Metatron and R. Ishmael. From the book:
    Chapter IV – Metatron is identical with Enoch who was translated to heaven at the time of the deluge
    R. Ishmael said :
    (1) I asked Metatron and said to him: “Why art thou called by the name of thy Creator, by seventy names? Thou art greater than all the princes, higher than all the angels, beloved more than all the servants, honoured above all the mighty ones in kingship, greatness and glory : why to they call they ‘Youth” in the high heavens?”
    (2) He answered and said to me, “Because I am Enoch, the son of Jared. (3) For when the generation of the flood sinned and were confounded in their deeds, saying unto God : ‘Depart from us, for we desire not the knowledge of thy ways’, then the Holy One, blessed be He, removed me from their midst to be a witness against them in the high heavens to all the inhabitants of the world, that they may not say, “The Merciful One is cruel.”
    There are numerous things in the book that seem to be kabbalistic in nature (although I’m not sure which way that influence flows) and although it is (allegedly) not considered canonical by much (if not all) of Judaism it certainly seems to have influenced later Rabbinic thought.
    For info, the link to the online book(s):

  2. Shalom Rico,
    I just want to say that this has confirmed what has been in my heart and spirit for a long time. I would start out reading and praying the Amidah and then I would get sidetracked and not keep it up. But this has confirmed to me what I have been feeling for a long time about doing this. When I read and pray it everyday I feel such victory but the enemy knows that so he would try to make me feel that I was doing something wrong. I feel such a liberation knowing that the Ruach HaKodesh was truly leading me into this direction. I have been very sick since February but since I have been reading the Amidah I am feeling better each day. I read Hollisa Alewine’s book “Standing With Israel” and she said that people have testified to healing and deliverance when they started reading and praying the Amidah. I love Yeshua and I appreciate your ministry very much. I see you at the “Rivers In The Desert” conference each year and always receive a blessing from your teaching. Be encouraged and know that many souls are being touched and blessed through your obedience to Yahweh’s calling.

    1. Hi, I have the same question. Do women wear a tallit or just cover their heads? If you have long hair, is it still appropriate to cover the head? I would guess the same protocol applies to both single and married women, can you please confirm?
      Thank you very much for everything you are doing, may you be blessed!

      1. I believe that in the congregation if the woman has a part in the service then should put on the head covering. Culture in the middle east specially religious people do use the head covering all the time to show they are married as a sign of submitting to the husbands. Single woman in Israel do not use them. The husband is the covering of the wife just like messiah is the covering of the bride.

  3. Thank you for making this video for i have been doing the amidah prayers for a several months, I wasn’t sure that i was doing them correctly and to see you do them the say way that i do bring me confirmation, blessed are you Ha-shem who guides and confirms the ways.

  4. Once again you are to thanked for doing such a wonderful job helping us learn the importance of coming before our Father with respect and love. I would like to ask what the bowing at His Name is? I notice you do it and they do it at the Kotel. Blessings and Shalom Sherri Garcia – Casa Grande AZ

  5. This is Rick Godley and last Friday I began to speak and incorporate the Alef Tav into my Amidah prayers. If the enemy has literally whitewashed them out of mostly everyone’s Scriptures then there’s got to be something he don’t want us to know or use. I’m restoring it in my prayers.

  6. Mr. Cortes,
    Just printed the Introductive Siddur for Weekdays (PDF). Now I can follow along as we speak the Amidah on Tuesday and Thursday mornings in the Messianic Morning Prayers room (on Paltalk) – so glad (oil of…) to be able to do this now. Originally, I had been using the version, but it is quite cumbersome, whereas, this version is perfect in size and in understanding. To me understanding WHAT is being said in the Siddur is important, because (as you teach) the words must be said from the heart and with the mind in full focus. It is also important to me to understand HOW to speak with our Father with proper protocol because we are coming before Him in the Most Holy Place. Praise Yah for this that you have done to edify The Family. As Moses mentions many times in Deuteronomy; exhorting Israel to keep the commandments, etc., so that it may be well with them, we see by your testimony and your ministry, that you keep the commandments wholeheartedly and we are encouraged to see that it IS well with you and yours. Thus we know that it can be well for us too as we follow the commandments, etc. Thank you, my brother in Yeshua, for your efforts and your giving. Shalom alechiem, Susan

  7. I want to say Todah Rabbah. I am so grateful. I have been trying to work on the Amidah I have the Messanic Shabbat Siddur but not the prayers for the weekdays. This is a wonderful tool. May all be blessed by this.
    Ilne Morrison

  8. Thank you Rico –

    “Introductive Siddur for Weekdays”

    “Here is the basic Siddur in English posted for you to download so that you can have one until you buy the complete Siddur. This is a very simple one but it contains the whole Amidah prayers and afternoon prayers. I want for all of you to continue to learn how approach YHVH our King. Rico”

    p.s. If you are interested in purchasing a Siddur the best source is

    This has most of the prayers given by Rico – in English.

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