Worthy Is The Lamb!

Watching this, I wept in moments and entered into worship. A close friend told me the young man took the opportunity to uplift the NAME of his Creator and Praise Him even at the cost of losing his chance to win the contest. It was all about the Creator. Praise Yah. Yahweh took first place!
[iframe http://www.youtube.com/embed/XN2UydzUOQU?rel=0 640 451]

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27 thoughts on “Worthy Is The Lamb!”

  1. Rico, I saw this a while ago on YouTube and was looking through your menu and saw it and was blessed again. Thank you for putting this on your website. Yah has blessed this child with a beautiful voice and I pray he uses it always to honor the Father and Y’shua always. Every time I hear this it brings tears of joy.

  2. You all please need to stop on this blog please. I do not want this stuff here. People do have an opinion and even if we do not agree with need to show love and tolerance to different opinions. I loved the song and I believe that the kid was doing something that was actually praising Yah. Hallelujah does have the name of YAH!!!!
    SO, please remember that Yom Kippur is coming and we need to focus on unity and pray to the father for mercy and forgiveness.

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