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Rico Cortes

I am a teacher of Scriptures, Torah follower, and believer in Messiah Yeshua. I have been given the opportunity to share the Word of God with many believers around the world. My work as a servant of the Most High God has allowed me to be a voice to spread the good news of the New Testament, unveiling its truth through context and the obedience to the Almighty through his Torah.

34 thoughts on “The Healing Power of Linen”

  1. Shea batDavid

    This teaching has been on my mind many weeks which has brought questions to the surface:
    2Ch_5:12 Also the Levites which were the singers, all of them of Asaph, of Heman, of Jeduthun, with their sons and their brethren, being arrayed in white linen, having cymbals and psalteries and harps, stood at the east end of the altar, and with them an hundred and twenty priests sounding with trumpets:)
    Rev 19:7 Let us be glad and rejoice, and give honour to him: for the marriage of the Lamb is come, and his wife hath made herself ready.
    Rev 19:8 And to her was granted that she should be arrayed in fine linen, clean and white: for the fine linen is the righteousness of saints.
    Rev_19:14 And the armies which were in heaven followed him upon white horses, clothed in fine linen, white and clean.
    What does it mean when it refers to “clean and white” linen? Did they bleach it?

  2. Shalom y’all,

    I went to the Shebrews Conference in Canby, Or. hosted by Torah To The Nations and Nitza Moshe aka Remnant Mama was one of the speakers…Amazingly Excellent Conference, by the way!!! Anyway, I just wanted to say that Nitza’s teaching on the linen and oils and the Paleo Hebrew really brings out the meanings of the words and how it is all tied into how we are Yashua’s Bride. It is really very interesting. Nitza’s website is

    While I may still go to the doctor or take my kids for their checkups, I am definitly more interested now in how Yah has created the entire universe to mesh together in harmony and how simply wearing something diferent or using one of His perfect creations could make my body feel better and keep me aligned with His great plan for mankind. I believe that we all still have so much to learn about our Awesome Creator and the world that he originally created to be a perfect place for us to live and I also believe that he is ever so much smarter than the human doctors that we have put our trust in for so long. There is only so much that the medical field can do. Yah created us and so I have a tendency to believe that He would know the best way to have us live or to fix us after we have messed ourselves up living here in Babylon.


  3. Thanks,Zipporah for the post and trying to shed some light on this matter. I’m no scientist myself,but having studied pre-nursing curricula in the recent past,I KNOW that science supports Torah/the Word of YHVH with respect to this subject. No offense to anyone who’s having issues with the truths being revealed concerning healing properties of linen,frequencies,and the use of essential oils,but you’re under strong dillusion from the medical establishment of the world to include our own FDA,NIH,AMA,and other such entities. We always want proof above and beyond when it comes to believing or accepting that He could possibly use “unorthodox” methods to heal or keep sickness at bay during the time that our forefathers lived,yet some of us fail to question and/or investigate using modern day pharmaceuticals to include both OTC and prescription as if they are good for us. That is exactly what disrupts the set frequency which the body should be set at (i.e. the range of frequency) in order to promote health and/or healing. For you consideration,I am suggesting the website also known as Torah To The Nations which is based out nof the Pacific Northwest of the US. Within the past month or so there has been a weekly (several shows per week)of 2 Torah-observant ladies who use the Torah from a paleo-Hebrew perspective to teach how this knowledge was lost but is now being restored by YHVH since the days of the exile’s end is quickly approaching. Thank YHVH that he has mercy on us even when we still doubt His truths. I know that you don’t expect the FDA to tell you the truth of what information they’ve been suppressing all this time concerning the healing properties of plants,foods,herbs,etc do you? If Codex and the FDA get their way,all these things would have to be reclassified as “drugs”;therefore,NO ONE would be able to even grow such without maybe a license of some sort. We’d all be guilty of practicing “medicine” without a license wouldn’t we? As it stands at present,there is an new assault from the FDA which states that in less than 60 days now,they may very well go after any “supplement” from our healthfood stores and remove anything/prevent it from being sold if it was produced/trademarked since 1984 (I could be wrong on the year—it could be 1994). This is no joke.You check it out. The pharmaceutical companies could legally alter the composition of any plant/herb,etc and then offer you the “new and improved” synthetic as your only option. Codex changed alot of things since January of 2011.I suggest that you check this out. Anyway the anme of the radio show on t2tn is named “Remnant Mama”. There are presently 3 archieved podcasts on SHaySH,the paleoHebrew word for linen—parts 1 thru 3,and 3 podcasts on SHeMen,the paleoHebrew word for (essential) oils. Please listen and read along in your Scriptures or take notes. Pray and ask YHVH if what these ladies are sharing is right. I started buying my arsenal of linen apparel and essential oils well over a year ago long before I heard Rico’s teaching on The Song of Moses and The 144K,but once I did hear it,I remembered what even science teaches concerning chemistry,biochemistry,biofeedback,etc and realized that this is truth. Whenever I have aches and pains now I use the essential oils. I wish I’d learned this many years ago to go with some of the things I was learning about diet,nutrition,enzymes,etc. I can tell you if nothing else,I’d have alot more money that I wouldn’t have given to doctors that’s for sure. I’m not aganist orthodox medicine,but I know that first and foremost,YHVH is my healer.Prayer and faith in His Word are absolutes,however,I use everything He’s given as an arsenal to stay well. This is not New Age,but New Age hijacked the knowledge. I see this as a gift that Yah wants to use as a way to bless His people with if only they’d simply take it and be grateful. Shalom Shalom.

  4. I was just going over all the posts on the linen teaching that Rico did.. some people are so skeptical to think that Yah could never create such a fiber that could make the body’s organs work properly.. this is scientific.. if you would like the people who have done the research, contact me I have their direct email address and they are homeopathic drs who run healing-homes using the Levitical Priests instruction in Torah for healing the leapers as well.. they have done research on other things such as the effects of the body when blessings and prayers are recited, holding the Torah, sacred name pronunciation, worship and prayer too.. if you cannot have an open mind that Yah knows whats best for you then pray about it and ask Yah for an understanding.. He said in Revelation that the fine linen is given to us “because” of our righteousnesses.. the scientific studies show that it protects from radiation and chemical exposure so why do you think it was given to us in these last days?? protection from tribulation events like nuclear attack and war..?? I’m sure you will not question it once all those things start to take place, cause what do you have to loose but your life.. you will loose your pride if any thing and you will be humbled… as far as the healing properties.. it doesn’t guarantee that every one will be healed beacaue they bought a 400 dollar set of sheets.. we know from scripture that some sicknesses come upon people because of sin and disobedience such as Miriam and the leprosy..
    My testimony is that I tried it on various things, from sores, rashes, sprained ankles, infections.. and it worked every single time and I use linen hats for head ache as well.. and it works.. Most healing comes from Faith in God to know that He cam heal and not from other sources. but he even says in the word that there will be trees in Jerusalem for the healing of the nations… also hyssop has cleansing properties.. He has given us so much resources right here on earth for our well being, but if you dont believe it and dont try them then you are the one missing out. you talk it down and you may not have even tried it yourself.. Even the tests on the effects of the body that were done on worship showed the organs in full working order with a blue hue on the equipment screen… this is not new age, it is just science.. like you take a pill to take away your pain or put olive oil on your skin to reduce dryness of your skin, linen has many uses for healing and better health. you think oil works but a fiber doesnt? lol just look at the great properties of the flax and flax seeds and flax seed oil. why dont you think anything else created form the flax plant would work just a good for your body… contact the ones who have done the research.. then maybe you will be convinced.. they are Hebrew.. and Torah observant..
    Baruch Hashem for all blessings given to us because we guard his commands.

  5. With all due respect, Rico, I am not operating from fear but from actual observation. I have yet to see any direct scriptural connection between linen and healing, and it bugs me that people would be saying that linen has healing properties when the scripture says that healing comes from Him.

    I do agree that our trust should be in the Creator of heaven and earth, as you say. But not everyone is as mature as you are, and our adversary knows it and exploits us in subtle ways.

    What greatly concerns me is that someone’s faith might rest upon a cloth (perhaps misreading the cloths that were sent out from Paul during his ministry, Acts 19:11-12) rather than on our Creator. I’m also concerned that people would spend excessively in hopes of finding a “cure” for cancer (or other sickness) instead of seeking medical help, thus violating the requirment that we be good stewards of what is provided to us and perhaps even having our faith crushed because of a seller’s promise that linen has healing properties when it evidently is not uniformly the case.

    I’m not sure what you mean by “the junk doctors give you” because obviously not all medicine is junk. Agreed that they do use us as guinea pigs, but that is the unfortunate nature of medicine. I’m certainly not advocating experimenting on human beings, and having just come from the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, I’m acutely aware of how wicked human beings can be toward one another in the the area of medical experimentation. But you can’t just paint the whole medical community with this broad brush of disbelief and skepticism. Some of it saves lives, and some of it makes life easier for people who are greatly suffering. Both my parents, without medical intervention, would be dead today. I am grateful they are not.

    As I’ve said earlier, I’ve lost friends to cancer because they eschewed medical advice, and I’ve had friends who have lived through cancer treatments and are here to see their grandchildren. And I’ve lost friends who have not made it through cancer treatments and felt the heavy guilt of perhaps not interceding properly. Healing is not a simple subject, and I haven’t heard anyone effectively explain why He heals sometimes and not others. And while I realize we don’t have complete light in any area, this can be very challenging to one’s faith.

    Mostly, I am especially opposed to profiteering from the sick, and I see this happening in the Messianic community, and it very much breaks my heart. Of course, not everyone will agree with me, and if they get healed by wearing linen clothing and sleeping on linen bed sheets and not wearing black and not eating fish on Tuesdays, then so much the better. But we should be clear that the evidence is anecdotal, according to His mercy, and not prescriptive for the benefit of merchants.

  6. I really do not feel that we in fear just trying to understand the things that we find in the scriptures because after all YHVH is the one who creates all things. Only HE gives life and take it but as long as I can keep healthy I will try those things instead of the junk the doctors give you which really kill you. But my trust is in the Creator of heaven and earth.

  7. Hi Nina,

    I completely agree with you on the diet issue. Most won’t adhere to a raw food diet for very long because it takes time to get used to it, and the sugar/junk cravings are very strong. I have been on it and off it for years and that, with regular fasting, I do believe helps me stay healthy. But I am not a vegetarian. I just try the best I can to raise my own eggs and meat so I know where it has come from. I need protein, and my body seems to work best with animal protein, though there was a long time there when I was an ovo-lacto vegetarian and I did fairly well, though without the animal protein I tend toward migraine. Just my body, I guess.

    No, my objection is to the subject of linen, and how many are falling for its “healing properties.” It may make you feel better to wear it, and as a consequence you may get well faster, but there is absolutely no scriptural or scientific evidence that it is a healing fabric. None, at least, that I have seen presented either here on this forum or anywhere else. Unfortunately, people have a tendency to create idols and follow the next new shiny thing, and they spend a lot of money on things that will bring them no relief. At least this is what I have seen, and that includes those who pay “energy healers” to make them well. There is a definite spiritual component to all that, but what does the scripture say about it?

    I know I probably sound grumpy and I could provide a lot more detail to support my case, but it is the preparation day and I must get on with it.


  8. Hey oil! Are you talking about food healing diseases such as cancer? Or are you strictly referring to the linen? I do not know about linen…can’t afford it anyway and I do not have time to spend in a thrift store hunting for it.

    However, I do know that a strict diet of raw fruits and vegetables along with fresh juice from those fruits and vegetables is the cure for most disease. The cause of most disease in this country is the eating of meat and processed foods. (I do realize I just stepped on a lot of toes!)
    Might I recommend a book on this very subject. “Food Revolution” by John Robbins. I do believe it may be available in the library. If not, amazon is always a good place to buy books.
    Before anyone attacks me for the above statement…please give the book a read. You just might never eat meat again!

    As for your friend oil…I go to a naturalist doctor here in Tulsa, Oklahoma. His name is Joel Robbins and he practices natural healing remedies through diet and juicing. People from all over the world come to see him and he does a lot of phone consultations as well. Many of his patients are former cancer patients who were told to go home and die…as a last effort they contacted him and they are still living today. I currently have a friend who’s aunt has been battling cancer for four years now. She constantly rejected the natural way to healing and underwent round after round of chemo and such. This last round almost killed her and her husband finally put a stop to it and contacted Dr. Robbins here in Tulsa. She was put a a strict raw diet and has more strength than she has in those 4 years. She is getting better and when strong enough will be coming to Tulsa for some natural treatments as well.
    I say all this to say…the body is designed to heal itself…the Father is certainly smart enough to do that. However, with all the drug companies wanting our money as well as the meat industry people do not take the time to think about what they are putting into their bodies. We hinder the body’s ability to heal when we drug it.
    I could go on…
    Here is a link to Dr. Robbins website.



  9. oilofgladness

    It is a terrible shame, methinks, that the Messianic Community is buying into such New Age ideas. I had a friend who followed Hulda Clark’s teachings to the letter when he was diagnosed with bladder cancer. Do you know where he is? Resting in the ground. The same for a friend who followed Rife’s teachings as a cure for her breast cancer. The tumor grew so large she couldn’t even get her clothes on any longer. These ideas have been rooted out by the medical community because they cannot be reproduced, and there is a protection for the consumer. Of course, if you want to spend your money on linen because you think it will heal you, then go ahead. Why can’t we just say we like linen because it’s a nice fabric, without assigning it some kind of kooky property that is only going to profit the fear-mongers?

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