1. Rico/Ryan,
    Excellent teaching and sharing time. I’m very blessed by all that you folks do, hardly have enough time to absorb everything taught. No doubt why we will need eternity.
    Question for all:
    I noted Rico make mention of 2003. 2003 is when I surrendered to the Lord. Does anyone else have a link to 2003 in their walk? I went out, bought a brand new Bible so I could start fresh, no past “religiousness” to influence my thoughts. I’ve had it rebound because the front and back where falling out. The first book I went to was the book of Matthew with Yeshua as King. Rico serves Yeshua as “My King”, I’m of this mind set. Was 2003 the year of the King, did it fit into the appointed times? Maybe not, just a thought to consider.
    Thanks again for all you do and teach.