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Exodus 27:20 - 30:10

Ezekiel 43:10-27


In this Torah Portion we will focus on the Dedication of the High Priest and His sons into the Holiness of the Service.

What really happened there at the Door of the Mishkan when Aaron and His sons were anointed by Moses?
What is the legal implications if we challenge the authority of the High Priest?
Why did they eat the dedication Korban at the door of the Mishkan?
What is the Meaning of the Breastplate of the High Priest?
There are also 7 Commandments in this portion.

This page includes Torah Portions from multiple years covered by Wisdom in Torah. Each year we covered the Torah from a different perspective so you can explore each Parashah from a different perspective and focus.

  • 2010 Portions: Focus on Messianic connections in the Parashah
  • ANET Portions: Focus on the ancient Near Eastern cultural context of the Parashah
  • Mitzvot Portions: Focus on explaining and exploring the commandments found in the Parashah (in progress)
  • 2015 Portions: Revisiting the Parashah looking at the ancient cultural context more in depth with additional areas that have been researched
  • Brit Portions: Focus on connecting the Brit Hadashah (New Testament) to the Parashah

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Rico Cortes

I am a teacher of Scriptures, Torah follower, and believer in Messiah Yeshua. I have been given the opportunity to share the Word of God with many believers around the world. My work as a servant of the Most High God has allowed me to be a voice to spread the good news of the New Testament, unveiling its truth through context and the obedience to the Almighty through his Torah.

33 thoughts on “Torah Portion Tetzeveh Complete”

  1. Rico, I am really torn – not sure if this one of the one about the pillar of fire and smoke is my favorite. That one had me laughing, just thinking how brilliantly it conveyed YHVH’s final warning to Pharaoh – but this one made me think a whole lot. I learned a ton in this one brother, thanks!

  2. Great perspective Rico on this Torah portion. I was challenged with some personal thoughts I have had in ascribing honor. There seems to be two positions that are prevalent, from my perspective.

    One is easily observed with what you mentioned has happened in the past. Like the response to Netanyahu by the Rabbinic community in Denmark. A problem Israel consistently struggled with, that of making kings and placing Rabbi’s over them, that dictate actions which supersede the Torah. Korah and his cronies suffered at the onset of the journey in the wilderness, as did Aaron’s two sons, fresh out of ‘Levite training”. Both are situations clearly demonstrating the grievous consequences of intrusion and irreverance. Intrusion by those not legally capable of officiating and irreverence by those that are.

    This matter has a two-pronged problem. The people and the Levite’s past actions. Teachings like yours have taught me to grapple with what I struggled with. A high degree of reservation in ascribing honor to someone who has little to no respect for the office. In the end, I clearly sensed the Spirit bringing understanding. The office is not the person, but is “indexed” to the Creator of the Office. Not to say that we disdain those filling the office. But to hold them to a higher degree of accountability. This I see was outwardly done by the Prophets in Torah. Both Yeshua and Shaul, did as well, all examples of individuals who were extremely well versed in Torah. That is where it begins. Without accountability, the people do perish, and are easily led astray. Will there be charlatans claiming descendency to a Levitical geneology thereby demanding for themselves ascribed honor? Yes, there are many in the Hebrew Roots today. However, it is our personal responsibility to examine the fruit and their teachings. The rest is in YHWH’s hands. Woe to those who make claims, profane the office and lead the people astray.

    Thank you, it was very good to deal with these thoughts, and sensed I needed to share them with you.

    Daisy P.


      1. Absolutely. That is true, I agree, and YES, it does reflect His character in spite of man’s shortcomings. His extraordinary patience. In my opinion, when I see someone compromising what HE in His generous purposeful heart gave as a gift, I actually see His enduring long suffering with man. Praise Yah.

  3. Thank you so much Rico for explaining the dedication process, it always seemed a little daunting to me but YAH has opened my heart this morning to understand, appreciate & love Him for what He has done for us. Blessings to you, I hope your voice is better.

  4. Great 2015 teaching Rico! Love the info, the concreteness and legal context of the information and honor and shame. Everything is just settling into my soul and bones so well! 🙂 The concept that has struck me so deep this morning listening to the teaching and the Revelation verses is another importance of Yeshua’s blood. Since He is the Son of Yah, holy, righteous, pure and at such a high level of holiness, His blood is indexing us back to Yah!! That’s the purpose of His blood, just like the blood in today’s Torah portion about anointing Aaron and his sons. I love figuring out nuggets like this! A big nugget too! hahaha!!! Yah is amazing, fun, holy, awesome, incredible, beautiful and lovely. There is none else!!! YHVH hu haElohim!!!!!

      1. Hahaha!!! I got this after just the few minutes of your teaching when you were discussing Revelation and before I listened to your whole teaching. You said the exact same thing. Ooops! 🙂 Hee hee hee…..

  5. Thank you sooo much Rico for all the details in the Torah portions. It really helps with the understanding. I appreciate all your hard work. You make His words come alive!

  6. Rico and all, Thank you for the hours you devote to your teachings. I have learned so much from you. You were concerned that your breastplate necklace was mounted incorrectly. The rows go horizontally, three stones across. The necklace is very beautiful, and correct. Blessings to you.

  7. BobW,

    Here are the two commandments regarding this matter:

    Lev 19:19 “You shall keep My statutes. You shall not let your livestock breed with another kind. You shall not sow your field with mixed seed. Nor shall a garment of mixed linen and wool come upon you.

    Deu 22:11 “You shall not wear a garment of different sorts, such as wool and linen mixed together.

    The commandment is a prohibition of wearing a single garment made of linen & wool (like today how they make 50% cotton/50% polyester)

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