Torah Portion Terumah Complete


Parashah Terumah
Exodus 25:1 - 27:19
1 Kings 5:12 - 6:13

This Parashah covers the instructions for building the tabernacle

This posting includes multiple years of Torah portions done by Wisdom in Torah. This includes:

  • The original 2010-2011 portions
  • The Ancient Near Eastern Text (ANET) portions
  • Mitzvot
  • The 2013-2014 Torah Nugget
  • The 2014-2015 Torah Cycle
  • NEW - Brit Portion
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  1. Yeshua said, “if you don’t understand the physical world how can you understand the spiritual? Yeshua used things around them, trees, lilies of the field, to teach spiritual issues. So, is true that Yehovah, used what the Israelites understood, temples, moving tabernacles, to teach them Yehovah’s ways, he used what was common and made it holy, unique and set apart to Him.

  2. Rico, can you help with more info on what prostrating ones self meant, especially when one bowed 7 times…maybe other sources that I can share…Reason why is because I shared this info in a gathering, but was told not to talk about things that are not really mentioned in the bible, that it confuses people, and not to trust other resources other than whats written on the pages of the bible…Go figure

  3. On the Mitzvot message Rico referred to a book that he never went back and gave the name for. It has to do with the origin of all Hebrew traditions/practices and their history. He gave an example from it on how serving meat and dairy together began from a pagan practice. Can someone get me the name of that book please?

  4. Ricco;

    you and your team have one of the most important teachings to give, ANET, Honor/Shame. Is very basic foundation which can benefit many of the various groups. It is your groups speciality. We have lots of Torah generalists; and that’s good also. I find when someone has a deep love or interest in an area, it’s sign of their pariticual calling. Not everyone is going to share that love. I do. Of all the various groups; some are going to be more excellant in a particular area. I see ANET, and Shame/Honor to be Very foundational to life applicaation; but that is up to me to ask HOLY SPIRIT to bring that to me.

    Ok, so yes I hear perhaps some fatique from traveling, and the groups are not united; they can’t be, there will be divisions and differences. Take a group like Chabad they have a Torah understanding long established from before coming to US. Hebrew Roots has no long chain of living fathers; therefore there is more division.

    So, in a private teaching, not on line, if there’s some gentle correction to make, do so. A teaching you do well could apply there honor and shame; and how we are to relate well with each other. There has been much family dysfunction since clear back to 1980 (big year for domestic violence). Already, at that time the nation was suffering from rampant divorce where children were envolved, and boys growing up without fathers. My singles pastor at that time (we had divorce recovery for adults and children) was if the adults did not repent, get healed and behave differently we’d loose the next generation of children to Christ); well it’s not gotten better, one reason so many illegals who lived in very bad conditions and brought their own family or fatherless termoil in with them.

    This is very much like the Exodus, we are all living in a time when the whole world is falling in on us; Moses experienced the same thing; he had to lead teach people who were very ill from their slavery; who didn’t want to listen to him, to do what was necessary on the journey and fussed all the way. Emotions are high for everyone. Ok so it’s your web site, and yes you HjAVE the right, sound familiar? to say anything you want any time, but how does ranting, raging, fussing, complaining in public broadcast help you or anyone else? How does that bring honor in public. Simply opens a door for the evil one to get a foot hold. I find whatever bothers me, comes to me as a test, how am I going to handle myself in midst of confused, hurt, people.

    Self composure is a treasure; it brings shalom to all the roundy children around you, us.