WIT Talmidim – Adulterous Israel – Polytheism, Henotheism, and Monolatry in the ANE


Tyler Dawn Rosenquist will talk about Why was Israel perennially unfaithful and why were they so adverse to the exclusive worship of YHVH? What was it about the worship of the nations around them that was so destructive to the monotheism commanded by the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob? David had a graven image in his home, Solomon built temples for his foreign wives, and the worship of Ba'al and Asthoreth was commonplace - to understand why this was happening, we need to delve into the Ancient Near Eastern reality of polytheism, henotheism and monolatry. Today, monotheism is the norm, and so it is very difficult for modern readers to understand just what was going on in the minds of those adulterous Israelites. Join us as we explore how the ancients thought, lived and worshiped and how those mindsets affected their relationship with YHVH.